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Destiny 2 is Free to Play on PlayStation 4 This Weekend

Destiny 2 is going to be Free to Play this weekend, but only for PlayStation 4 players. It seems Bungie is attempting to draw in...

McFarlane to Release Lovely New Destiny Figures

If you've ever wanted to adorn your home with your favourite Destiny character but didn't want to break the bank, rejoice! There will be a much more affordable option for all you chosen ones out there.

Destiny Reveal Event Will Showcase PC Version

There's around two weeks left until Bungie's Destiny 2 reveal event in LA, and we recently found a little bit more about what to expect from the kind of strange launch-party-but-not-really.

Destiny 2 Offers Multiple Collectors Editions

Destiny 2 will launch with a few different editions offering up a selection of physical and digital goods. Fans of the series can add...

Destiny 2 Trailer, Release Date Revealed, Finally Coming to PC

Destiny 2 has released its first trailer today, confirming what we all already knew, it's coming this year. Trailer below.

Destiny Sequel is Now “Official”

Today in the "totally not surprised, we knew about it" news section, we have a pointless confirmation of a game that everyone and their...

Bungie Confirm That Destiny Characters Will Carry Over to Destiny 2,...

Ever since Destiny 2 was confirmed for release this year, players have been wondering what, if anything, will carry over from the original game. Today Bungie have stated that while some aspects of a players' Guardian will carry over, others will not. Character personalisation will transfer over to the sequel, but only for those who have achieved level 20 or higher.
Destiny The Dawning

The Dawning Event to hit Destiny

At the PlayStation Experience this weekend, Activision unveiled that the online loot and shooter Destiny will be getting The Dawning event that'll bring the Sparrow Racing League and much more to the game.
Destiny: Rise of Iron

Leaks reveals Destiny’s Halloween event, loot and more

As it's the month of Halloween and many a game have already kicked off their themed events, Destiny's Festival of the Lost is almost...

Destiny 2 Could Be Coming to PC, May Be A Complete...

Destiny has done pretty well for itself over the past two years, not only has it continued to pull players back in with each expansion, Activision has managed to sell three different versions of the game without anyone batting an eye. However, this latest report might just take the cake.
Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review – Under Forged

Destiny: Rise of Iron is here and so marks the start of year three of the Destiny universe. Rise of Iron follows the guardians as they try to battle an old enemy by the name of SIVA which has been unearthed once again by a band of The Fallen. To make things worse these splicers have been modifying themselves with SIVA to become something beyond. This leads to a quest to rekindle the flame of the Iron Lords, stop the SIVA infestation and continue to defend the last city once more.
Destiny The Collection Announcement

Destiny – The Collection Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in...

It probably wouldn't be a hugely controversial statement to say that Bungie's sci-fi FPS/RPG Destiny wasn't quite what everyone hoped it would be when...
Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny Receives its Final Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Update

The last scheduled patch for the last-gen version of Destiny arrives today marking the last time the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game will be supported by Bungie.
rise of iron

Destiny on PC Hasn’t Been Ruled Out, Say Bungie

Destiny, Activision and Bungie's ambitious FPS RPG has been killing it on consoles since its launch in 2014. Since then it's received one huge expansion plus a number of additional add-ons, and now it's preparing to receive its next huge expansion later this year. However, PC fans have been missing out on all the action, but not for long... maybe?
Destiny Rise of Iron

Three Reasons I’m Excited for Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of Iron! Destiny Rise of Iron! Rise of Iron! Iron! Okay I think you get the message by now that I’m somewhat...

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