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Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Demo Available Now On PS4 And Xbox

If you weren't one of the lucky owners of an Xbox One and missed out on the last Devil May Cry 5 demo than a brand new one is available to download for Xbox and Playstation owners as of right now!
Devil May Cry 5

New Devil May Cry 5 Demo Coming In Early February

Devil May Cry 5 have announced through their official Twitter page that we'll be receiving a brand new demo on February 7, 2019. A previous...
Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 ESRB Rating Confirmed ‘Mature’

The ESRB has officially announced and submitted their final rating for Devil May Cry 5 and it should come as no surprise that it's been...

Devil May Cry 5 New ‘V’ Trailer

Capcom have released a brand new trailer for Devil May Cry 5, solely focusing on 'V', one of the new protagonists to...

The Game Awards 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Trailer Released

A new Devil May Cry 5 trailer has been released during The Game Awards 2018. The new trailer showcases some fantastic new action. Not only does...

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Showcases His Skillset

During a Devil May Cry 5 live stream, Capcom showed DMC's favorite devil, Dante, going head to head with a number of otherworldly demons and showcases the wide array of move-sets and abilities that will help you to further progress in the game.
Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Reveals New Void Mode & Devil Breakers

Lead director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker appeared at Microsoft's 'X018' event over the weekend to unveil some new features for Devil May Cry 5. 

Yeehaw: Cowboy Hat Weapon Announced for ‘Devil May Cry 5’

In Devil May Cry 5, you'll be able to make your favorite demon spawn have their own yippee ki yay moments with a new cowboy hat weapon.

Devil May Cry 5 Trailer, Deluxe Edition, PC Specs Unveiled

Since it's E3 announcement Devil May Cry 5 has received a ton of publicity thanks to Capcom slowly, but consistently, releasing new information and videos of the upcoming title.

Gamescom 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Gets Official Release Date

Announced during the Inside Xbox show at Gamescom, Devil May Cry 5 is set to pull your Devil Trigger on March 8, 2019.

Devil May Cry 5 Aiming For Photorealism

During an interview for the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (handily translated by Siliconera) Capcom revealed they're aiming for photorealism when it comes to Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Is 75% Complete, Delays Unlikely

Devil May Cry 5, officially announced at E3 2018, is set for a March 31 release date. Judging by how quickly development is progressing on it, they're likely to hit that date. Reported by WCCF Tech, Capcom has informed Japan's Famitsu magazine that the games development is already 75 percent done.

E3 2018: Xbox Announces Devil May Cry 5

Today at E3 2018, Xbox announced Devil May Cry 5, which is set to arrive in Spring 2019, and will also be available on the PlayStation 4.

Devil May Cry 5 Domain Updated By Capcom

The good old folks at Capcom have treated all Devil May Cry fans to a little nugget of hope today, as it's been revealed that they've updated the domain name for Devil May Cry 5.


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