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Devil May Cry Dante

‘Devil May Cry’ Receives Switch Release Date

Last month, we heard that the first Devil May Cry would be heading to the Nintendo Switch some time "this summer." However, we just found out that...
Devil May Cry Dante

First ‘Devil May Cry’ to Join the Switch Library

This summer, Nintendo Switch owners can look forward to vacations, the beach, and... demon hunting?  That's right! On May 6, the official Twitter account...

Adi Shankar Developing Devil May Cry Series In Castlevania Multi-Verse

Adi Shankar, the creator of Castlevania’s Netflix series, has confirmed via Twitter that he'll be creating a Devil May Cry animated series.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox...

It was announced on Capcom Unity today that the Devil May Cry HD collection will be making its way to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Next Devil May Cry Game Leaked?

Details of the next Devil May Cry game may have leaked online in a pretty big way, if a post on the ResetEra forums is to be believed.

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