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Ape Out Review

After playing Devolver Digital’s latest published title, Ape Out I can more or less guarantee that you’ve never played anything quite like it. Ape...

Katana ZERO Preview

Katana ZERO is a title that's been in development for a very, very long time. The developers Askiisoft have been taking the title around...

Pikuniku Review

Oh look, here comes Piku, from the game Pikuniku. You know, that red blob looking creature with the legs that move seemingly independently of...

Facebook Reject’s Gris Advertisement Over “Sexually Suggestive Content”…. WHAT?!

A launch trailer/ advertisement for Devolver Digital's and Nomada Studios latest title, Gris, has been rejected from Facebook over some alleged "sexual content". The...
Gris Screenshot

Gris Review

Gris (pronounced Grease) is a beautifully animated first outing from the new Indie company, Nomada Studio. It's an evocative tale of emotional turmoil that...

Gris Gets a Release Date

The serene narrative experience, Gris, from Devolver Digital and Nomada Studios has received a release date. Gris will come to the Nintendo Switch and PC on December 13, 2018, and will cost £13.49.

Stories Untold Developer Announces Observation

Devolver Digital and the developer behind Stories Untold, No Code, has announced a brand new sci-fi thriller, Observation, coming in 2019 for PS4 and PC.

Weedcraft Inc. is a Weed Growing Tycoon Game from Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital and Vile Monarch have announced their next game, Weedcraft Inc., which will have players diving into the legal pot industry's first fully-fledged tycoon game.

The Messenger Review

I was born at a time and in a country where there was an anti-ninja media movement, it was a bizarre time to live...

Gato Roboto is a ‘CatMechtroidvania’ Coming to PC, Switch in 2019

Devolver Digital has unveiled Gato Roboto, an upcoming "CatMechtroidvania" that's set to land on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019. There are arguments for not...

Devolver Digital Announces Gris, a Gorgeous New Puzzle Platformer

Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio have announced their breathtaking new puzzle platformer, Gris, which can be expected to drop on PC and Switch later this year!

Crossing Souls Review (NS)

There's been an influx of 80's inspired media recently and it seems to have been ushered in by the massive Netflix hit, Stranger Things. While it's always a great idea to try and look forward with media, sometimes it's nice to have a few nostalgic tugs on your heart strings to show you that gaming doesn't have to be all glitz and glamour. Sometimes it can invoke feelings of memories long since past. While that may not be the core aim of Crossing Souls, it certainly does it well.

E3 2018: Hands on with Black Future ’88

Black Future '88 plucks that cyberpunk chord within everyone's soul, becoming evermore present in modern media. Drawing inspiration from Risk of Rain and other...

E3 2018: SCUM Season 2 Gets Early Access Date

Devolver Digital revealed it's plans for a SCUM Season 2 during their E3 show. The trailer highlights all the improvements coming to the game, including...

E3 2018: My Friend Pedro Coming to Switch and PC

Devolver Digital have announced that My Friend Pedro, a ridiculous, over the top slow motion shooter will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC...


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