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Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Review

Diablo 3 has received numerous ports and expansions throughout its 6+ year life cycle. Each update and re-release has breathed new life into the aging title and reinvigorated the experience for veterans, as well as newcomers to the series. However, the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection for Switch is by far the most refined, and arguably, the best way to experience this incredible title, especially if you've not played it before.

Diablo 3 on Switch Receives Loot Goblin Amiibo!

As per the rumors, Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch has Amiibo support and it's a very interesting addition, and not what you think...

Diablo 3 on Switch Might Have Amiibo Support

How cool would it be to have a way to spawn a Treasure Goblin during your Diablo 3 session? Well, thanks to some data miners it seems that that might just become a reality.

Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Bundle Announced

Blizzard and Nintendo have today announced the Nintendo Switch Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Bundle which brings together the game along with a themed system...

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection gets Switch Release Date

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection has finally got a release date on the Nintendo Switch, and it's gonna land for Blizzcon. Diablo 3 Eternal Collection is...

Diablo 3 is Coming to the Switch!

Over the past 24 hours, rumors have been flying around of the alleged Forbes leak (via reddit) that has led most to believe that Diablo 3 is, in fact, coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Review

One Christmas, I was pratting about on World of Warcraft wondering what I was doing with my life. I knew there was no future...

Blizzcon 2016: Diablo 3 Necromancer annouced & Diablo recreation

Though there was no new expansion announced for Diablo 3 we did however get plenty of news about new content.

Blizzard Job Posting Hints at New Diablo Game

It looks like Blizzard is going to make a new Diablo game according to a job listing the company has recently posted.
diablo 3 patch 2.4

Blizzard Release Diablo 3 Patch, Adds New Areas and Dungeons

It's nice to see Blizzard's support for Diablo 3 is still going strong. The latest patch, 2.4, which is heading to the public testing server soon, is set to bring a ton of new content to the game including new areas and special Set Dungeons.

Diablo 3 is Getting Microtransactions… but not in the EU or...

Blizzard is experimenting with Microtransactions in certain regions of the world, but for those worrying that their dungeon crawling classic will be infested with paywalls, pay to win items, and other crap, Blizzard have assured players that they won't be landing in Europe or North America - yet.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition review – Devilishly good

Chances are if you like dungeon crawlers, you've heard of Diablo. It's the series that inspired so many other games of the same genre...

Blizzard Entertainment Reveal Diablo 3 Has Sold 20 Million Copies

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game only weeks away, Blizzard have revealed that Diablo 3 has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. The third instalment of the fan favourite series was originally released in 2012 on PC and Mac and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were released in 2013. This figure represents all platforms along with digital and expansion sales.

E3 2014: The Last of Us infecting Diablo 3 on Playstation

With The Last of Us being rereleased on PS4 later this year, Blizzard are working alongside Sony to bring the infamous Clickers from The Last of Us to the never ending hoards of monsters to mash buttons to kill and grab loot from.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Date Revealed

Activision Blizzard have today announced that Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One will be released on August 19th. The Diablo...

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