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DiRT Rally Gets a Multiplayer Trailer, Wheel Compatibility List

DiRT Rally is almost here on consoles, and to celebrate Codemasters has released a brand new trailer for the game highlighting its fast-paced multiplayer gameplay. The publisher also confirmed a number of wheels compatible with both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

DiRT Rally Console Edition Gets New Trailer and Details

Codemasters and Koch Media has today unveiled a brand new trailer for the console version of DiRT Rally as well as a brand new trailer highlighting said content including Colin McRae Liveries, seven new cars, and vintage full gravel Pikes Peak.

DiRT Rally Review

Codemasters attempted something pretty unique with DiRT Rally. Rather than announcing the game and having it developed behind closed doors, they decided to announce and release the game into Early Access allowing the community to shape the game as development completes.

DIRT Rally Launches on PC Today, Consoles in 2016

Codemasters has surprised us once again by announcing that today is the official launch of DIRT Rally on PC! What's more, they've also announced the release date for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game, though there's no real surprise there, eh?

DIRT: Rally Listed for Xbox One and PS4

Hot on the heels of the rumour that Codemasters' DIRT: Rally is on the verge of launching out of Early Access on PC, a new report has arrived suggesting the game will be making its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

DIRT Rally Could Get a Retail Boxed Edition

Although DIRT Rally is still classed an Early Access title, there's word that Codemasters may be launching a retail edition as soon as next month.

DiRT Rally Gets FIA Tracks and Vehicles in Latest Update

Following Codemaster's recent partnership with the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the publisher has revealed that as of right now, players of DiRT Rally will be getting a ton of content from one of the fastest growing disciplines in Motorsports.

Codemasters Looking into Bringing DIRT: Rally to Consoles

DIRT: Rally is already an impressive title, despite it's Early Access moniker, but for many who don't own a PC, or don't have a PC powerful enough to make the most of the new release from Codemasters, never fear, as it looks like the developer is looking to bring the title to consoles. The news comes from Codemasters lead designer Paul Coleman, speaking with Red Bull Games, who said that he wants console gamers to explerience DIRT Rally too.

DIRT Rally Preview: My Co-pilot Must Hate Me

DIRT Rally surprised everyone when Codemasters announced the new title. Not only was it unexpected, it launched onto Steam that same afternoon letting players dive right into the gritty action. We were fortunate to receive a copy of the game to see how the game shapes up so far and also keep an eye on whether Codemasters live up to their promise of regular updates, or whether the game is left to dry up.

Called It! DiRT Rally May Eventually Come to Consoles

Yesterday during our write-up of the announcement of DiRT Rally, the next DiRT title from Codemasters, I added a small part about how Codemasters hasn't necessarily ruled out the game coming to console. Even with the game launching directly onto Steam's Early Access, the publisher never explicitly said that it was a PC exclusive. And lo-and behold, Codemasters has revealed that DiRT Rally may come to consoles in the future.

Codemasters gets DiRTy with DiRT Rally Launching on Steam Early Access

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Steam Early Access when it's used to help smaller developers create the game they want with the support of their fans, it's just a little.. odd, to see a company as big as Codemasters to use Early Access for their latest DiRT title, as I'm sure they've got more than enough support for their next DiRT title.. Fortunately, they have everything planned out for those wanting to wait until the game is complete, which is unknown right now, but they have content planned up until November this year, which is great.

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