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Watch Marvel Superheroes Strut Their Stuff in Disney Infinity 2.0

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Marvel, heck you can be the biggest kid out there and want nothing more than to buy Disney Infinity 2.0 just to enjoy The Marvel superheroes. I know I do. If you aren't so sure yet there is one other way to convince you that you need this game...Aerosmith.

Guardians of the Galaxy Coming to Disney Infinity

With the impending release of Guardians of the Galaxy to cinemas at the end of this month, Disney have decided to excite Disney Infinty fans even more. Announcing that the galactic outlaws will be coming to Disney Infinity 2.0. Making the Marvel line up very, very strong now...
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Stitch and Tinkerbell Wing Their Way into Disney Infinity 2.0

Yesterday Disney Interactive revealed the next two newcomers to their upcoming release, Disney Infinity 2.0, Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan fame, and Stitch, who is of course from the Disney flick, Lilo and Stitch. These are the latest to to join the already announced Avengers - plus Spider-man, and Maleficent, who'll also be making an appearance in 2.0.

Merida & Maleficent Get Disney Infinity Trailer.

The trailer for Merida and Maleficent has been officially been released. The duo, will appear in Disney Infinity 2.0 which will be released this Autumn. Merida will use her precision archery skills to take down enemies whilst Maleficent uses magic to stop any that get in her way...
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Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit Announced.

The first ever 'Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit' has been announced by Disney Interactive and will be held August 15th to 17th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Disney Interactive announced the event two days ago on the 27th.
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Disney to Reveal its Disney Infinity / Marvel Team-up This Month,...

I've got some good and some bad news this afternoon. The good news is that Disney is set to reveal its Marvel team-up with Disney Infinity some time this month (hopefully) and the bad news is that Disney currently have no plans to introduce Star Wars characters to Disney Infinity. At least, not right now.
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Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition ‘Get Ready to Assemble’ Trailer Hints at...

Disney Interactive have released a brand new trailer for what appears to be the rumoured '2.0 edition' of their popular interactive game, Disney Infinity. The trailer also hints at the inclusion of Marvel Super Heroes for the updated edition of the game.

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