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The Disney Infinity Shutdown: Everything You Need to Know

Yesterday I took a trip out to my local toy store, and as I walked in I saw a huge bargain bin chock full of Disney Infinity figures. Now, I knew that the series was no more, but for the toys to be in the bargain bin felt a little extreme to me, I knew something was up.
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The Future of Disney Infinity Looked Pretty Bright…

In a recent article over on Kotaku, they spoke with a number of sources about the recent closure of Avalanche Software, the developer behind Disney Infinity, as well as what the future could have held for the game, and it looked pretty awesome.
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Disney Cancells Disney Infinity, Shutters Studio

It looks like Disney Infinity is no more as Disney Interactive announced yesterday evening that their toys to life game would be coming to an end following the release of two more playsets. To add insult to injury, they're also shuttering Avalanche Software.
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No New Disney Infinity Release This Year, Still Focusing on 3.0

During a press event yesterday evening, Disney Interactive revealed that this year won't see the arrival of Disney Infinity 4.0, but instead will continue to focus on Disney Infinity 3.0 by adding additional content and new play sets, some of which were also revealed

Players can Unlock the Keyblade in Disney Infinity 3.0

Kingdom Hearts in Disney Infinity seems like a match made in heaven, both titles are a mash-up of properties, some of which are of course Disney properties. Up until now however, there has been no Kingdom Hearts content within the game, but that's about to change.

You Can Now Vote for your Next Disney Infinity Character

Up until now, the characters that appear in Disney's sandbox game, Disney Infinity, has largely been up to Disney themselves. Along side a handful of classic characters, Disney has largely opted to release toys and characters for what's currently popular, whether it's Big Hero 6, The Avengers, Inside Out, and more recently, Star Wars.
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Disney say Nintendo’s Amiibo Shortage is “Irresponsible And Rude”

The toys-to-life genre is getting increasingly popular over the years starting with Activision's Skylanders, then Disney's Dinsney Infinity, then Nintendo unveiled Amiibo and the angels sang. That was until it became close to impossible to actually purchase an Amiibo that you wanted. This has left many fans frustrated and disappointed with Nintendo's efforts and in a recent interview, Disney Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi says that it's "irresponsible and rude".

Amiibo, Disney Infinity and Skylanders are what parents are spending their...

Parents forked out an average of $131 in the past six months on Amiibo, Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures In a new report from The...
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Disney Infinity 3.0 Leak?

Uh-oh, it looks like a whole load of new figures have been revealed, suspected to be part of the yet to be announced Disney Infinity 3.0.

Disney Infinity is Coming to PS Vita with Exclusive Black Suit...

At first it looked like Disney Infinity 2.0 was going to skip the handheld scene as this time around there was no Nintendo 3DS version like its predecessor, but that's all about to change as Disney Interactive have announced that Disney Infinity 2.0 will be coming to the PlayStation Vita and to celebrate will also come with a Black Suit Spider-man in the game's starter pack. Finally, you'll be able to play as Spider-man on the go, on your PS Vita.
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Disney Interactive Finally Posts a Profit Thanks to Disney Infinity

Since Disney Interactive came a separate entity in 2009, the company has sadly posted loss after loss making us wonder whether the developer would continue to remain a separate part of the Disney family. Thankfully this year they've posted their best earnings since becoming a standalone venture thanks, in part, to their interactive Disney sandbox game, Disney Infinity.

Big Hero 6 Characters Land in Disney Infinity 2.0

If you haven't already twigged from the Box Art of the Toy Box Bundle for Disney Infinity 2.0, Marvel's colourful cast from Big Hero 6 will be making their video game debut in the game in 2015 bringing mind powers and super strength to the games Toy Box mode - oooh fancy.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Trailer

Marvel Characters rubbing shoulders with Disney Characters in the newest trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0. Specifically the Toy Box mode which had a bit of an overhaul to make for a better experience...
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Grab Disney Infinity for Free on the Wii U Now!

Has the world gone mad? Apparently so as Nintendo have decided to encourage users to upgrade to their latest console offering by giving away copies of Disney Infinity for free! It's available to download now via the Nintendo eShop and if you already own some Disney Infinity figures then you're well on your way to Disney magic!

Not a Fan of Marvel? Not to Worry, There’s a Disney...

The latest instalment into the Disney Infinity franchise, Disney Infinity 2.0, or Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, has a starter pack which offers players three Marvel Super Heroes figures as well as a host of Marvel content to get you started in the updated version of the game. There's just one teeny problem, what if you're not much of a fan of Marvel and are more keen to build up your collection of original Disney figures? Thankfully Disney Interactive has you covered too with a new Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Pack.

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