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Disney Officially Announces Disney+ and Loki TV Show

Furthering on from the rumours about Disney making multiple tv shows with the Falcon/Winter Soldier team up and the Scarlet Witch independent series, we now have official confirmation from Disney CEO Bob Iger himself - during an earnings call - that they will be indeed making the Loki independent series, giving the chance for the 'God of Mischief' to take center stage.

Disney Streaming Service to get Falcon and Winter Soldier Series

Disney is reportedly giving 'The Falcon' and 'Winter Soldier' their own TV series on its upcoming streaming service, set to launch in late 2019,...

‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition’ to Open Soon in New York...

Square Enix aren't the only ones celebrating Mickey Mouse's ninetieth birthday. In honor of the cartoon mouse's entry into his nonagenarian years, there will...

Disney May be Looking to Reboot Pirates of the Caribbean

Grab a bottle of rum and get ready to celebrate because rumor has it that Disney is looking to reboot Pirates of the Caribbean.
Aladdin Move Still

Trailer and Poster For Disney’s Aladdin Released

A trailer for Disney's live action version of Aladdin has been released, along with its debut poster. The film is the latest in Disney's ongoing campaign...

DuckTales Renewed for Third Season ahead of Second Season Airing

Disney has announced that it is renewing its rebooted DuckTales series for a third season ahead of the premiere of season 2.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Races Into First Place in New Trailer

Ralph Breaks the Internet once again with a fast-paced new trailer, showing off some of the films grittier scenes. Ralph Breaks the Internet is the highly...

Disney Announces a ‘Slowdown’ In Star Wars Releases

Disney has announced it will be 'slowing down' its Star Wars releases, having gotten a little carried away with its new acquisition. Shakespeare once wrote...
Disney's Moby Dick Starring Donald Duck

Dark Horse Announce Disney’s Moby Dick Starring Donald Duck

Disney and Dark Horse have announced Disney's Moby Dick Starring Donald Duck, the second comic which reimagines a classic story with an all-star cast of Disney characters.

Disney’s Streaming Service Gets Name, New Details

Disney's upcoming streaming service has finally been given a name along with a couple more details about the upcoming straight-to-consumer service. The upcoming streaming service...

Live Action Kim Possible Gets a Teaser Trailer

The Disney Channel has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming live-action Kim Possible movie which gives us our first look at Sadie Stanley...

Wreck-it Ralph 2 Trailer has Gal Gadot, and More Disney Princesses

A new teaser has been released for Wreck-it Ralph 2, or Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2 as it's fully known, which shows of Gal Gadot's character and a more dressed-down group of Disney Princesses.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is Still in the Works

Disney has confirmed that it's still moving forward with the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, currently dubbed Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Disney’s Acquisition of 20th Century Fox is Official

After months of back and forth and potential competition from Comcast, the merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox has been approved by shareholders. At...

Lock City Anime and Comic Con 2018: The Art of Disney...

Lock City Anime and Comic Con host an impressive guest list for a small convention. One such guest this year was Philo Barnhart, a former animator from Don Bluth and Disney studios.

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