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DJI Officially Announce The Mavic Pro And It’s Not As Entry...

Earlier this month rumours surfaced to suggest that DJI had a new drone in the works that it planned to announce later this month. The drone was reportedly going to be a fully foldable device aimed at a more hobbyist entry-level market. Now DJI has unveiled the Mavic Pro, and it's not quite as entry-level as we first thought.

DJI is Reportedly Preparing to Unveil an Entry-level Foldable Drone

It looks like DJI may be preparing to unveil an entry-level foldable drone called the Mavic, according to site Heliguy, who backs up its claim with a handful of images showing the new drone.

DJI’s New Drone is Aimed at Movie Studios

While DJI have been working on making drone photography more accessible to newcomers, the Chinese company have today unveiled a new drone with sets its sights firmly on professional video makers.
DJI Phantom 3

DJI Launches Social App for Drone Enthusiasts

DJI is hoping to make it easier to discover fellow drone enthusiasts with a brand new social network which hopes to connect pilots as well as share interesting places for pilots to fly.
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The New DJI Phantom 4 is Perfect for the Most Novice...

Yesterday DJI unveiled a brand new drone to its Phantom series, the DJI Phantom 4, an incredibly feature rich drone that's suited to both professional pilots or those who have never piloted a drone before.
dji phantom

DJI Launches Drone Repair Service, Because Crashes are Inevitable

Drones, specifically photography drones like the DJI Phantom, don't come cheap. At around £500 minimum you're trusting yourself to be able to ensure everything is not only set up correctly, but you have the skills to ensure you don't crash. However, crashes are inevitable, and that's why DJI have launched a new care program to offer repairs to clumsy users.

DJI’s Latest Drone is Aimed at Your Local Farmer

When you think of DJI you're probably thinking of the DJI Phantom, their range of consumer drones that allow hobbyists and professionals get into the world of drone flying and aerial photography. But the Chinese company's latest model probably isn't one you'll be running to the shops for, unless you're a farmer, of course.

DJI Unveils Manifold a Tiny Computer for Intelligent Drones

DJI has announced something interesting for their Matrice test drone, it's called Manifold and is a tiny computer that allows developers to turn drones into what DJI says are "truly intelligent flying robots that can perform complex computing tasks and advanced image processing."

DJI Introduces the Phantom 3 Standard, the Perfect Drone for Beginners

Now here's a conundrum. I want a quadcopter, but not any quadcopter, I want one with all of the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I also don't want to spend almost a grand in order to get one that I'll likely fly into a tree and ruin 5 minutes after getting it out of the box.

New DJI Drone Eyes Developers and its Surroundings

Consumer drones have not only improved over the years, but they've become much more self aware thanks to the technology and software on board. They can follow GPS waypoints, track its owners to capture footage, and in some cases be aware that it's being tossed off of a mountain only to engage its propellers and save itself from an expensive crash landing. Unfortunately they're also lacking awareness of its surroundings and often crashes into things if the owner isn't paying attention or if something happens to be in its way whilst its following you. Fortunately DJI may have solved that problem.
DJI Phantom 3

DJI Updates Popular Drone with the Phantom 3

Chances are, if you've seen some video footage shot with a drone, the one being used will be the DJI Phantom. DJI's range of consumer drones have become insanely popular and almost ubiquitous when it comes to drones with cameras slapped onto the bottom, and they just keep getting better. The latest drone from the company is the Phantom 3 and it's sleeker and better than before, with two models on offer, the Professional and Advanced.
dji phantom

DJI to Add ‘No Fly Zones’ to Certain Areas via Firmware...

Earlier this week there were reports of a drone crash landing in the gardens of the White House which, as you might have imagined, caused widespread panic amongst the Secret Service as they scrambled to secure the area and prepare for any threats to the President of the United States. Fortunately it turned out to be nothing more than an out of control DJI Phantom drone controlled by someone who had a little too much to drink.

GoPro is Reportedly Making its Own Camera Wielding Drones

For a while now many have been strapping cameras to their drones to not only capture spectacular footage from high up in the air, but also to use as their own steady-cam for capturing sporting events, home-movies, and more. Usually the camera of choice in these situations is GoPro's line of Hero cameras, mostly due to their durability, portability, and light-weight nature. For a while it seemed GoPro was okay with that, but now they're reportedly looking into developing their own GoPro wielding drones.

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