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Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Released

Doctor Who's eagerly awaited Season 11 has been gifted a new trailer, that's sure to answer some of the fans most-asked questions. Doctor Who's 13th...
Doctor Who

What got me into Doctor Who

Doctor Who is due go through a huge change this year since they decided to cast the new Doctor as someone who has longer hair than usual.

Doctor Who Fans! The Fourth Doctor is Back!

Before we see the brand new Doctor Who this Christmas, let's set into the Tardis and visit a forgotten adventure from the 70s.

Will it be a Merry Christmas for the Doctor?

Timelines will collide in the twelfth Doctors final outing as he must confront his past before he can deal with his future in this year's Christmas special.

And the Thirteenth Doctor Is… Jodie Whittaker

As promised, The BBC have unveiled the thirteenth Doctor that'll replace Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, and it's Broadchurch's Jodie Whittaker. After months of speculation...

Unrealistic Suggestions for the Next Doctor Who

The BBC have revealed that this Sunday they'll reveal the next Doctor Who that'll be taking responsibility of the Sonic Screwdriver for the next couple of seasons, but rather than waiting, we thought we'd knock up some pretty unrealistic suggestions.

Doctor Who Teaser Gives me Hope that The Doctor will go...

The BBC have released a sixty-second teaser for the upcoming tenth season of Doctor Who, and I'm pretty hopeful...

Four Perfect Nerdy Replacements for the PokéBall

Fancy a new way to store your snazzy Pokémon? Well, look no further because I've got four geeky gadgets that you can use instead of the classic Pokéball.

Four Better Forms for The TARDIS to take

Doctor Who is about to throw out the old and bring in a new Doctor, though thank about it, is that the only thing that should go?

Peter Capaldi Leaves us Asking: Doctor Who?

That's right, it's the end of another Doctor Who as Peter Capaldi hands back his keys for The Tardis.
DW – Four Doctors 2b

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who – The Four Doctors

The Doctor has encountered a huge threat to existence, this time, it's going to need more than one Doctor to make things right, but who could be pulling the strings of evil this time?
Power Rangers 0

It’s Time for The Power Rangers to Meet Doctor Who

You may already realise this, but I do rather enjoy Power Rangers and I'm rather fond of Doctor Who, so this month was great for me. I'll tell you why later, meanwhile let the stupid ideas commence.

Five New Expansion Packs Coming to LEGO Dimensions, Including Ghostbusters

Warner Bros. Interactive has unveiled a bunch of new content for their toys-to-life video game, LEGO Dimensions, this week adding five new expansion packed based on some of the world's biggest entertainment brands.

Doctor Who! meet your new TARDIS Armour

Hey, Doctor! If you kind of think about it, The TARDIS is kind of impractical, I mean yeah sure, the whole small-on-the-outside, big-on-the-inside has its uses, though do tell me Whovians, how often do we see the many supposed other rooms that the Tardis has?

Is There A Timey Wimey Shake-Up Brewing?

Okay, Whovians… Try not to panic, as none of this has been confirmed by anyone that matters, alright? Take a deep breath.

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