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New Doom Film is Pushed Back to a Fall Release

Universal has announced that the upcoming DOOM movie has been pushed back to Fall 2019 in an effort to "make Hell awesome". If you went...

John Romero Announces New Game, ‘SIGIL’

John Romero is working on new content for the original Doom. No, this is not 1993 and he hasn't returned to id Software either....

DOOM and RAGE head to Xbox Game Pass

Bethesda and Microsoft have unveiled that DOOM and RAGE heading to Xbox Game Pass ahead of their respective sequels.
DOOM 4 Baron of Hell

New DOOM Movie in the Works at Universal

There's a new DOOM movie in the works over at Universal, according to vocalist Nina Bergman who accidentally "leaked" the information on Twitter. Video game movie...

DOOM to Arrive on Nintendo Switch on November 10

Bethesda has today announced that DOOM will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on November 10.

Doom, Wolfenstein 2 Announced For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's latest Direct broadcast was full of updates on previously talked about games but surprisingly it was announced that DOOM and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will both be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Release Dates for Fallout VR, Skyrim VR and Doom VR Announced

Bethesda have announced the release dates of their three upcoming VR ports. Surprisingly, Skyrim, Doom and Fallout 4 VR are all coming before the end of this year.

E3 2017: Doom VR Game Announced

During Bethesda's E3 2017 Press Conference Vice President Pete Hines announced Doom VFR (Use your imagination). The game looks to be a modified version...

n3rdabl3’s Best Games of 2016

Raise a glass and take a moment as it is that time of the year again were we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. It is also a time to reflect on the past year of gaming and ask 'What were the games of the year?' and in 2016 there are plenty to choose from.

Year in Review: Games I Wish I’d Played in 2016

2016 was a cracking year for videogames - I only wish I had time to play all of them. Here are a few I've failed to find time to appreciate.
Hell Followed DOOM DLC

Bethesda Unleash “Hell Followed” DOOM Multiplayer DLC Pack

If you're looking for a fast-paced, hellish good time this Halloween, Bethesda and id Software's DOOM (2016) is a good place to start, with its legions of demons and grisly Glory Kills.

DOOM is Getting a Board Game Too!

Following the success of the Dark Souls board game which made millions on Kickstarter earlier this year, Bethesda are trying their hand at bringing one of their popular titles to the tabletop, this time with DOOM.
Doom Unto The Evil Announcement

New DOOM Video Outlines Upcoming Update’s Features

After an exceedingly turbulent development and a divisive multiplayer beta, DOOM ended up being a very nice surprise - a fast-paced, chaotic FPS that managed to improve on what was shown at the game's very first E3 demo shown last year.

UK Gaming Charts: DOOM Blasts Away the Competition for Another Week

DOOM has this week kept its stranglehold on the top spot, landing the game's second number one crown, a number of weeks after its initially launch.
DOOM 4 Hell Knights

UK Gaming Charts: DOOM Climbs Up From The Depths of Hell

Bethesda's DOOM has put an end to Overwatch's three week stint at the top of the charts, jumping from third to first place thanks to retailer promotions knocking £5 off the shooter.

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