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DOTA 2 now Publishing Precentages for Rare Drops

DOTA 2 is making a move to alter its loot drops, now showcasing drop percentages for rare drop items. Loot Boxes have been at the...

FirstBlood Announces Dota 2 Tournament Week

Blockchain esports platform, FirstBlood, has really been stirring things up lately in the Dota 2 scene. Earlier this year, they partnered with the China...

Will Trump’s Mess Change Dota 2’s The International Location?

Whilst politics and the video games industry should not interfere with each other's business, Trump's decision to change visa regulations could influence Valve's The International tournament. The travel 'ban' negatively impacts one of the biggest eSports events, and that's a huge problem.

Tickets for the 2016 International Dota 2 Championship go Live Today

Dota 2 fans rejoice as the tickets for the 2016 international Dota 2 Championships go on sale today.

A Look at the Fall 2015 DOTA 2 Majors Compendium

After the end of The International 5, Valve’s own big DOTA 2 tournament, they announced that they would be expanding to several official tournaments throughout the year in the form majors around the world. They have just released the compendium for the event, containing rewards for those purchase it...

Modder Turns DOTA 2 into Third Person Shooter

MOBAs are an acquired taste, you either love them and can master them easily, or you can just blunder through mashing button after button hoping that a strike lands on your enemy. I'm a member of the latter group, and I don't actually mind it, I still enjoy myself.. kind of. But being able to play the game as a third person shooter, now that's something I'm interested in and thanks to one modder, it's a reality.. sort of.
goat sim dota2video

Goat Simulator + DOTA 2 = GOATA 2?

The studio behind Goat Simulator has submitted a Goat Sim-inspired courier for consideration in the popular free-to-play MOBA game, DOTA 2. Currently awaiting votes in the DOTA 2 workshop, Coffee Stain Studios want you to but the BAHH in.. DOTA 2.. that doesn't work, does it? *sigh*

DOTA 2 Becomes the First Steam Game with 1 Million Concurrent...

Following the news that Minecraft was regularly hitting the 1 million concurrent player milestone, many comparisons included the popular MOBA, DOTA 2, a game which at the time was the only real contender for the "one million players at the same time" trophy. Back then the game was nearing on that target and as of this week, DOTA 2 has finally taken the crown, or at least is the first to wear the crown, of the first game on Steam to have one million players playing at the same time.

Have Valve Just Quietly Soft-Launched the Source 2 Engine?

According to Dota 2 modders, Steam has possibly just quietly soft-launched the long-awaited Source 2 game engine alongside the latest release of Workshop Tools for Dota 2 last night. The reason for this theory is down to the way some of the updated files now show different code - more specifically key files that usually share a name with the source engine in the update are now appended with the number 2. Though right now it's mostly speculation.

Guess What? Almost 37% of Steam Purchases are Never Played!

As someone with a Steam account full of unplayed games that I have purchased on a whim thanks to the iconic Steam Sales it comes as no surprise that 36.9% of Steam purchases are never played.

Going through the Motions: DOTA 2 and the Steam Controller

On the first day Valve had a great idea, 'let's make a gaming platform called Steam, on which users can purchase games and play them with their friends.' Steam was born, and it was good.

You can now link your Twitch account with Steam to win...

In a brand new feature that's available right now you can link your Twitch account with Steam, a move which hopes to allow users to collect in-game items whilst watching online streams. For some of you this might seem quite confusing, but for those who are fans of DOTA 2 they've always had to choose between watching streams via Twitch or in game - the latter of which was the only option which allowed viewers to benefit from in-game item drops which would randomly "drop" during events.

That is until now. Twitch announced recently that you can now link your Twitch account to Steam so you can happily watch DOTA 2 matches on Twitch and benefit from in-game item drops, providing your Steam account has the required virtual ticket for the event.

To link your account, visit the “Connections” page of your Twitch account settings.

Steam Trading Cards are now available!

Valve have finally unveiled their new Trading Card feature which is set to reward gamers for their time playing certain games.

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