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E3 2019: Double Fine Joins Xbox Game Studios, Psychonauts 2 Trailer...

During Microsoft E3 2019 briefing this evening, Xbox announced that Double Fine would be joining Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft’s Matt Booty announced the news and...

Day of the Tentacle Remaster Gets a March 22 Release Date

Hey old-school point-and-click fans, Tim Schafer's classic adventure game, Day of the Tentacle, is set to land on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC on March 22!

Here’s a Quick Glimpse at Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Though I don't think I was at an age capable of understanding, let a lone play the original LucasArts game, Day of the Tentacle, I remember finding the game in a download pack for SummVM and instantly fell in love with this pixely point-and-click adventure. And now, it's coming back again thanks to Double Fine who are once again remastering a classic adventure game.

Video Game Crowdfunding site Fig is Launched

Say hello to Fig, a new crowd funding platform for game developers, brought to you by Justin Bailey, formerly of Double Fine. Fig offers a reward-based funding solution much like Kickstarter but alongside equity investment. Fig's advisory board will include the likes of Tim Schafer, Brian Fargo and Feargus Urquhart.
grim fandango

Grim Fandango Remastered Pre-orders Open on GOG.com

If you're looking to pre-order the Double Fine published Grim Fandango Remake on PC, then you better scurry over to GOG.com who have just opened up pre-orders for the game. What's more, it seems the pre-order period is exclusive to GOG too.

Broken Age To Return In 2015

Broken Age is a beautifully crafted 2D point and click puzzle adventure made by Double Fine. It follows the two stories of Vella and...

Lay off’s Hit Double Fine as Unannounced Project Falls Through

Double Fine, the developers behind The Cave, Costume Quest, and crowd-funded success Broken Age, has been hit by lay offs this weekend according to GamesIndustry. The news comes after an unannounced project that Double Fine were working on was cancelled by its publisher meaning staff working on the project had nowhere else to go.
Gang Beastsvideo

Hilarious Multiplayer Brawler Gang Beasts gets Picked Up by Double Fine

Broken Age developer Double Fine have this week revealed that they're going to be publishing the hilarious physics based multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts as part of their Double Fine Presents.. initiative. Gang Beasts has been a huge winner at the various Expo's that developers Boneloaf have attended, and I'm personally looking forward to getting the chance to play this hilarious brawler.
grim fandango

E3 2014: Grim Fandango Remaster coming to Playstation

Disguised as Sally, a ten year old girl, Tim Schafer wrote into Sony asking whether he could play some older games that have been lost to time.

Double Fine Announce Jack Black and Jennifer Hale as Voice Actors...

At Double Fine's PAX Prime panel on Sunday they announced the line up of voice actors for their Kickstarter funded game, Broken Age, a new point-and-click adventure game slated for release early next year.
Massive Chalice art

Double Fine show first screenshot of crowdfunded Massive Chalice.

It's been around six weeks since Double Fine managed to raise the $725,000 needed for Massive Chalice, a new turn-based strategy game on an "epic fantasy timeline". We've finally been teased to a rather plain screenshot from director Brad Muir who tweeted it out yesterday.

Tim Schafer’s Broken Age Needs a Wee Bit More Money

Tim Schafer has recently announced that his monumental Kickstarter, Broken Age, is going to need a bit more funding to reach the vision he has for the much anticipated adventure game.
Massive Chalice art

Double Fine’s, Massive Chalice fully funded

Last month, Double Fine announced it's new Kickstarter for Massive Chalice a tactical combat game spanning multiple generations.

Massive Chalice: Double Fine’s New Kickstarter Project

After setting records on Kickstarter, and pretty much starting the Kickstarter revolution-- Double Fine is back with another amazing looking game. MASSIVE CHALICE! for the PC, Linux, and Mac. As of this posting, the project is at $566,469 of its desired $750,000 goal, with 26 days still remaining.

Double Fine Want The Rights Back For 3 Of Their Titles

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer wants to win back the rights to Stacking, Brutal Legend and Costume Quest which were all originally developed at the studio.

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