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Dragon Ball Z RPG Teased by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco is gearing up to announce its upcoming Dragon Ball Z RPG, currently titled Project Z, according to teases. While we know about Project...

Dragon Ball Z-Themed ADIDAS Sell Out Instantly, Vegeta Sneakers Unveiled

All Day I Dream About Saiyans, at least that’s what’s on sneakerheads’ and DBZ fans’ minds with the recent release of Vegeta-themed ADIDAS shoes.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is Now Available

It's been a long wait since the first episode of the fan series Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope hit YouTube hit back in 2015 and now the journey comes to an end.

Dragon Ball Z vs Terminator Anyone?

Come with me if you want to read yet another dumb idea that I'm not ready to call fan fiction. This time let's pit the colourful cast of Dragon Ball Z against a more sinister man of steel.

Goku vs Irredeemable Too Violent to Work?

A fight to the death or the end of reality?

Four Nerdy Tag Teams That’d Kick Butt in the Wrestling Ring

The geeks shall inherit the Earth and that also includes the Wrestling Ring (as if they haven't already). So which nerdy characters should make...
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Z VR Set is an Anime Fan’s Dream

Dragon Ball Z is coming to VR thanks to a brand new Dragon Ball Z VR set from Mega House, that'll put you in the Dragon Ball universe along with Goku, Vegeta, and more.

Stupid Fan Theory: Is Captain Marvel Actually a Saiyan?

I mean Captain Marvel can get really cross. Or maybe I've just got too much time on my hands

How About a Film About the First Dragon Ball Androids?

Something Dragon Ball-related is almost always about to happen. Like the release of Dragon Ball Xeonoverse 2 which seems to be almost around the corner. We've also got lots of talented filmmakers trying to add something to their favourite TV shows and media franchises, too.
dragon ball z 1

My Top 5 Nerdy Martial Arts Moves to Geek your Way...

Listen closely Daniel San, it's time to check out the top 5 geeky martial art moves you can use in your next ultimate showdown with your arch nemesis for the fate of the world and in some cases, the universe.

I did it! I Read all of the Dragon Ball Z...

I did it, after much stopping and starting I finally finished the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga, five or six volumes later I know how the original story was going to end. So what did I think all of it?

Is the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Cursed? It is for...

Have you ever noticed odd coincidences in your life? I've noticed an odd Dragon Ball Z one in mine. Every time I attempt to make my way through the Buu saga, life tends to get rather cross and intervene.
Thunderbirds Are Go producers have released an exclusive image from the production of their new series; an insight into the brand new Tracy Island. The picture was unveiled as a Thunderbirds panel came together to discuss the heritage of the series at COMIC-CON® International, San Diego, in celebration of the show’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary in 2015. ITV Studios is currently in production with Pukeko Pictures on a remake of the classic series originally produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The series will debut on ITV and CITV in 2015 and has already been sold to Australia’s Nine Network.

Top 5 Nerdy Places to Live to Avoid the Brexit

The coin has been flipped and it has happened: the Brexit vote has occurred. And if you've now just had enough of the debate and would rather take a break away from the whole conversation, I've got you covered with 5 nerdy places for you to go and hang out in.

Four n3rdy Work out Places I Wish Existed

We've all done it dudes and dudettes, had some geek envy. We've all looked at Goku and have said to ourselves "I probably need...

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