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DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios Suffers Layoffs

Following a rocky few months, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios has revealed that the company has suffered a significant number of layoffs. DriveClub, which launched in October was faced with several problems and server issues making the game unplayable for some. Though the game has improved somewhat since then, many have been holding out for the free PlayStation Plus version of the game, which still hasn't arrived.

DriveClub gets Exotic with new Lamborghini Update

DriveClub will be getting a touch more exotic later this month when a brand new Lamborghini focused expansion drops on the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer. Set to bring a show room full of Lambo's, the pack will include the Veneno, Aventador LP 720-4 50° Anniversario, Huracán LP 610-4, and Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse.
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Updated: DNF? Sony Reveal the PS Plus Version of DriveClub may...

Following the rocky beginnings of what could have been the PlayStation 4's first truly fantastic exclusive, the company has now revealed that the planned PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub may actually never happen.
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DriveClub’s PlayStation Plus Edition is Still Way in the Distance

If you're still clinging onto the hopes that Sony and Evolution Studios will release the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub, then you're going to have to cling on for much, much longer, as the free version of the game is still far off in the distance.
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DriveClub Gets Back on Track, Free Tracks Landing This Week, Apex...

DriveClub didn't exactly have the best start. Following its release the game was plagued with server issues as Sony and Evolution Studios worked hard to try and get the game more stable, as a result they had to remove some features temporarily and put the games free PlayStation Plus Edition on hold indefinitely. To apologise, Evolution Studios released the first premium DLC absolutely free, and now it seems everything is back on track as the game's DLC release schedule starts again.

Here’s What DriveClub’s Japan Tracks Look Like, Blink and You’ll Miss...

Still playing Sony's DriveClub? Well then, take a look at the trailer above for a quick look at the games upcoming Nakasendo course.
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Sony Drops the Price of DriveClub PlayStation Plus Upgrade

Despite the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub being no where to be seen, Sony has dropped the price of the PlayStation Plus upgrade as well as the regular edition of the game too.
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Here’s your First Look DriveClub’s Redline Expansion Pack

If for some reason you're sticking with DriveClub in the hopes that it'll become the game you hoped it'd be, then this trailer is for you. Evolution Studios has this week released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Redline Expansion Pack for the game which is set to include a handful of new cards, tracks, liveries, and more.
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Still Waiting for the PlayStation Plus Version of Driveclub? There’s Still...

If you've been hanging on for dear life waiting for Sony to reveal when exactly you'll be able to grab the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub, which was supposed to launch in October, you're going to have to wait a little longer as the developers Evolution Studios has revealed that there's still more to be done to improve the stability of the servers for the main game, that's right, almost two months later Sony and Evolution still haven't fully fixed DriveClub.
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DriveClub’s First Premium DLC Goes Free to Apologise for Failed Launch

It's been almost a month since Evolution Studios next-generation racer, DriveClub has launched and still problems persist with the games online functionality. Since launch the developer has been working around the clock to fix server issues in the hopes to keep things more stable and though most of the online features are back online, things just aren't quite there yet. Previously Evolution Studios revealed that they're considering compensating those affected by the server issues and now that compensation has become a reality in the form of the first DLC drop.

Sony is “Committed” to DriveClub PS Plus Edition, Still no Release...

For those of you still clinging on to the hope that Sony has decided when they're ready to release the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub you might still be waiting for some time. Sony have recently revealed that they're still committed to bringing the stripped-down edition of the game to those wanting to try DriveClub, but are still yet to announce a date.
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Sony Announce That the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition is Postponed “Until...

Earlier we reported that Evolution Studios had announced that the stripped down PlayStation Plus Edition of their next-gen racer DriveClub was "on hold," but now it seems that it may be a little more than just "on hold," and instead is postponed "until further notice." Sadly DriveClub just can't catch a break..

DriveClub’s PS Plus “On Hold” Following Widespread PSN Problems

Set to be launched as an added extra in October's PlayStation Plus offering, Sony decided to delay the release of the stripped down PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub amids several problems with the games online functionality. Now it seems DriveClub is slowly coming out of the woods but Sony is faced with another problem, since the 2.00 update for PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Network hasn't been playing ball causing Sony to keep the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub "on hold."
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DriveClub Receives Another Update but Evolution Studios “Still Have More Work...

Evolution Studios has slowly started to stabilise online functionalities in their PlayStation 4 exclusive racer, DriveClub, which launched almost three weeks ago now. Over the weekend the game received another much-needed update which took the game offline for a brief while in order to further improve online gamplay experience, but it seems there's still a long way to go before it's fixed completely.
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“The Majority of DriveClub Players” Should Now be Able to Get...

Almost two weeks after the game launched Sony and Evolution Studios seem to be in the final stages of getting the games online functionality working after an unexpected series of issues plagued the games servers. For the past few weeks both Sony and Evolution Studios have been working around the clock to get the games online features such as Leaderboards and Clubs as well as online races to work as a large number of players have struggled to get online - it now seems that most of the issues are finally resolved.

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