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Evolution Studios Hopes to have the PlayStation Plus Version of DriveClub...

The stripped-down PlayStation Plus version of Evolution Studio's next-gen racer, DriveClub was supposed to launch on the PlayStation Network just a few days after the release of the full game last week, but since launch the game's servers have been suffering due to the sheer amount of players trying to access the online features. As a result Evolution Studios and Sony decided to postpone the release of the PS Plus version until things were fixed.

DriveClub Server Update on the Way as Evolution Activate More Online...

The past week since DriveClub launched in the US has been a fairly rocky one. For a week now players have been struggling to access the games multiplayer mode as Sony and Evolution Studios struggle to keep their servers running due to the sheer amount of people trying to get online. As a result the developer disabled many of the online functions such as Leaderboards and Clubs, as well as Sony putting a hold on the free PlayStation Plus edition of the game. Thankfully it all seems to be slowly getting sorted as the developers are reactivating some of the online features and prepare to roll out a server update to make things a little more stable.
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As DriveClub’s Server Struggles Continue, Developer isn’t Ruling Out Compensation

If you were one of many people to grab the PlayStation 4 exclusive next-gen racer from Evolution Studios last week you've probably been as frustrated as many with the games currently unstable multiplayer functions. Though the developers have recently released a patch for the game the servers still remain unstable, so much so that Evolution Studios are pondering compensating those effected.
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DriveClub Update “Reduces Server Load” But Woes Continue

Trying to get online in DriveClub at the moment is like trying to use a Chocolate Teapot, it's useless. Sony and Evolution Studios have been working around the clock to get the multiplayer features to be stable and have recently released a patch which apparently "reduces server load," but sadly it's not enough as many players are still reporting that getting in an online lobby is an impossible task.
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DriveClub Server Diagonistics May Further Disrupt Online Play

Things haven't really been going well for Sony's next-generation racer, DriveClub, as server woes have continued to disrupt online play for countless players who have tried to access the games multiplayer features. Today marks the release of the game in Europe and Sony have already warned players that disruption may continue as they run diagnostics on the servers to determine the cause of the current problems.
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DriveClub PS Plus Edition Delayed as Sony Works on Buckling Server...

It seems Sony didn't quite expect the reception they've received for their recently released next-gen racer Driveclub as servers are struggling to stay online. As a result until servers are back online and stable Sony has decided to delay the PS Plus version of DriveClub which allows Plus subscribers the chance to try a decent portion of the game first before committing to the full title.
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Crashing your Car in Driveclub Will be a Pretty Terrifying Experience

We've seen just about everything there is to see about Driveclub, the cars, the tracks, the PlayStation Plus Edition, but what we haven't really experienced is the games crashes, something that'll likely happen a lot if you're a terrible driver like me. Usually when you crash, you'll have a bit of a knock and be back on your way, in Driveclub it's a little different, especially if you're in the games first person view, it's actually pretty terrifying and will likely make you think twice about thrashing that corner too hard.
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New Driveclub Trailer is “All Action”

The epic racing experience that is Driveclub is almost upon us and to celebrate Sony has released a brand new trailer for the next-gen...

This Live Action Trailer for Driveclub is Just as Hilarious as...

The latest trailer for Driveclub is a live action affair, but instead of seeing real live versions of the cars featured in the game roaring around iconic tracks, picturesque streets, and gorgeous curvy landscapes, we have a case of mistaken identity as some unfortunate sod with a clapped out Vauxhall Nova decided to lock his car at the exact same time as the Ferrari which pulls up next to it. Let's just say, the trailer is a bit silly.
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Driveclub’s PlayStation Plus Edition Gets Detailed in New Video

If you own a PlayStation 4 and subscribe to PlayStation Plus, there's no need to rush out and grab Driveclub when it releases on October 8, instead you can try the game's PlayStation Plus edition to see if it's really for you before spending any money. Over the past few months Sony has detailed exactly what you'll get to experience in the PS Plus version of Driveclub, but if reading is something that makes you nauseous, a new video from Pixels to Polygons shows you exactly what you'll get.

Driveclub’s DLC Schedule Gives you New Cars Every Month Until June

Driveclub, the next-generation racing game for PlayStation 4 by Evolution Studios, has a pretty big DLC release schedule which is set to give you new content from the games launch on October 8 all the way until June 2015. These DLC packs are set to offer you new cars, new tracks, new liveries, and more in an effort to keep the game new and fresh all year round.
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Driveclub Revs Up a Special Edition in Europe

Driveclub is slowly pushing me towards getting a PlayStation 4, the game just looks incredible, to make that urge even stronger Sony have announced a Special Edition of the game which is set to leave skid marks in Europe's underwear with a whole host of goodies to those who fancy splashing a bit of extra cash on the game.

Confirmed: Driveclub Has Weather, and it’s Gorgeous.

Driveclub, the PlayStation exclusive, next-generation racing game from Evolution Software certainly packs a punch. Not only does it have some of the most gorgeous looking vehicles and environments, as well as a spectacular day/night cycle, Sony have just offered a closer look at the games Dynamic Weather System, and when it rains, it pours.
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Driveclub Gets a PlayStation 4 Bundle in Europe.

Every time I've written a Driveclub post, I've noted how much I actually want the game and that it's slowly starting to convince me that I need a PlayStation 4. Well, this latest snippet of news increases that urge to grab Sony's console, purely on the fact that it comes with one of my most anticipated next-gen games.. Why are you doing this to me, Sony?

Evolution Studios Hope’s Driveclub Will make Rage Quitting a Thing of...

Evolution Studios are offering players a new way to win in their upcoming racing games Driveclub. On a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky explains how the studio are trying to stop the age-old tradition of Rage Quitting when games don't go in favour of the player.

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