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Evolution Studios have Created 100% Unique Sounds for Driveclub.

In Evolution Studio's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive racing game, Driveclub, every sound you hear has been developed specifically for the game. Every engine rev, every tyre squeal, even down to the keys in the ignition. Every sound is unique and 100% bespoke to the game. In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog audio manager Alan McDermott explains all.

Driveclub’s Microtransactions Will Be a “Non-issue” According to Developers.

Evolution Studios' next-generation racer Driveclub contains microtransactions allowing players to purchase more powerful cars ahead of progression, something that has caused a bit of a stir amongst fans, but director Paul Rustchynsky recently told Eurogamer that microtransactions in Driveclub are a "non-issue" and are practically invisible.
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Driveclub Beta Rumoured for July, Signups Begin at E3

According to rumours Sony is set to announce the existence of a closed Beta for their upcoming next-generation racing game, Driveclub, during their presentation at E3 this year. Sign ups will be opened soon after the event and users will be notified whether they've been granted access to the Beta in July.
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Driveclub Director Confirms Playable Female Drivers

For some odd reason when Infinity Ward revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will have a playable female character in the games multiplayer mode, the reaction for many was reminiscent of the time women were allowed to vote.. Sure, Call of Duty has rarely had a playable female character, but why should it be such a song and dance to make it happen? PlayStation's exclusive racer, Driveclub, is doing it right allowing you the choice between a male and female character without an announce trailer full of bells and whistles.
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Two New Gorgeous Driveclub Videos Have been Released Showing off Two...

Evolution Studios have released two new videos for gorgeous Driveclub. Driveclub, developed by Evolution Studios, was supposed to be a release title for the PlayStation 4 but was hit by delays. The game is now set for release in October this year, and will come with a PlayStation Plus version giving you the chance to play the game for free, and upgrade to the full version at a discounted rate.
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Driveclub Will Contain Microtransactions After All.

Microtransactions, they're definitely a plague that are slowly taking over the gaming world. At first they appeared in free-to-play games offering the gamer the ability to progress quicker or purchase extra turns or lives. Now they're invading premium titles such as Call of Duty, The Crew, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. A 'plague' is also how Driveclub director Paul Rustchynsky previously described Microtransactions on Twitter stating that their up coming next-gen racer won't include them.. But now it will.. Whoops.

Sony Back Tracks Controversial Driveclub PlayStation Plus Feature.

Last week Sony revealed details on the free PlayStation Plus edition of their next-generation racer, Driveclub, which is set to include a handful of cars, tracks, and locations, players have the option to upgrade to the full version of Driveclub from the PlayStation Plus Edition, but there was a catch, if your PS+ Subscription ran out, you'd no longer be able to play the game.. This left a bitter taste in fans mouths, but not for long as Sony have completely reversed over that idea.

New Driveclub Trailer Shows How Clubs, Faceoffs and Challenges Work.

Driveclub, the upcoming next-generation racing game from Evolution Studios is all about working together as a team rather than being a lone racer. Up until now we've had to guess how exactly working together will benefit us other than adding points to our club's score, but now in the latest trailers from Sony, we'll get to see exactly how working together will make our club the best of the best.
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Here’s a Handful of Gorgeous Driveclub Screens.

Now Driveclub finally has a release date we can get excited once again for this glorious looking team-based racer. Coming to PlayStation 4 on October 7, 2014, Driveclub is going to feature some amazing visuals and next-generation gameplay. I'm pretty hyped about this game and I don't even own a PlayStation 4..

Driveclub Release Date Finally Revealed in New Trailer.

Well, that came as a surprise. It looks like Sony are ready to announce the release date for Driveclub literally days after they reveal that more information, including a release date, is coming soon. Okay, that sentence is pretty confusing.. For the past few months Sony and Evolution Studios have made promises but have never followed through. That's why I'm surprised..

Driveclub Set to be Re-Revealed, Release Date and “Full Details” Coming...

As someone that doesn't have, and has no plans on getting, a PlayStation 4, I'm getting unnaturally excited for this game. Driveclub, the next-generation racing game from Sony and Evolution Studios, has been on the back burner for some time now. Originally it was set to be a PlayStation 4 launch title, but was subsequently delayed to "early 2014". For those still hoping for a more definitive release date, you'll be pleased to know that it's coming very soon.

Driveclub is Still Set for 2014 Release, Free of Microtransactions.

Sony's next generation driving experience, Driveclub, is still on target for a 2014 release despite being delayed several times over the course of the past few months, the game still doesn't have a definitive release date. Earlier this week design director of Driveclub, Paul Rustchynsky has revealed a few details about the game via Twitter which may have answered a few gamers questions.

Driveclub Development is Going “Spectacularly Well” Despite Layoffs, Sony Promises Release...

Sony has recently released some more information about the development of the delayed launch title for the PlayStation 4, Driveclub. According to SCEE the development of the game continues to go "from strength to strength" despite Evolution Studios, the developer behind the game, suffering from layoffs earlier this month.

Sony Has Gone “Back to the Drawing Board” with DriveClub. So...

DriveClub has already been ten years in the making thanks to the developers waiting for the right hardware to come along for them to release the game of their dreams, if that seemed like long enough, sadly that's not the case as the developers have recently gone "back to the drawing board." Hmph.

Driveclub Brand Guidelines Video Leaked, June Release Date Hinted At.

Driveclub is looking to be the driving game that changes all driving games. Sadly it's been delayed due to the developers wanting to polish the paintwork some more, but if you're looking for some footage of the game you'll be pleased to know that an internal Brand Guidelines video has been leaked which shows off some awesome footage, there's also word that the game may be released in June according to PlayStation Magazine, Italy.

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