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It Looks Like Driveclub Won’t be Making it to the Japanese...

Once again slated to be a launch title, this time in Japan, DriveClub has once again been delayed and won't make it to the Japanese PlayStation 4 launch on February 22 due to "Various circumstances".

Driveclub Rumoured to be Released on February 28.

Driveclub was originally meant to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 as an exclusive launch title but was sadly pushed back in October to a vague "early 2014" release due to the developers requiring more time to get the game perfect. It seems that if this recent leak is correct, the vague early 2014 release date could be narrowed down to February 28 here in the UK.

Driveclub Recieves Two New Gameplay Videos via PlayStation 4 ‘Share’ Function.

Earlier today Evolution Studios shared with us two gameplay videos of both Norway and Scotland onto the Driveclub Facebook page via the PlayStation 4's share function.
watch_dogs beatdown

Amazon, GameStop, and GAME Honour PlayStation 4 Bundle Pre-Orders, Target Cancels...

In light of the latest news that certain launch titles for the PlayStation 4 will be delayed some players who had pre-ordered bundles containing said titles were left scratching their heads, wondering what exactly they'll be getting with their pre-order. In most cases their pre-orders will be honoured, but if you've pre-ordered a bundle from Target, well, no pre-order for you.

[Updated] PlayStation 4 Launch Title DriveClub Delayed.

It seems that not all of our next-generation "launch titles" are going to be available when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One actually drop. With the news that Ubisoft have delayed Watch Dogs and The Crew until 2014 it seems that Sony may also be delaying one of my most anticipated launch titles, Driveclub.

The Latest DRIVECLUB Video Shows the Gorgeous Transition Between Day and...

With some racing games you've either got day races, or night races. Some games have tried the transition between day and night but it just doesn't look that special. In Driveclub it actually looks like they've nailed it.

Driveclub Pre-Alpha Footage Shows off 10 Minutes of Gameplay. It Looks...

The Next Generation of console already have some fantastic looking driving games in their catalogues. There's the one I'm looking forward to the most, The Crew, then there's Need for Speed: Rivals, Forza Motorsport 5, and finally Driveclub. In this gameplay footage we get to see the games first person view along with the traditional chase cam, and a handful of cars and race events we'll be seeing in what looks to be a pretty amazing looking game.
playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 will be playable at San Diego Comic Con

Attendees at this years San Diego Comic Con will be amongst the first to get hands on with Sony's new console PlayStation 4 by playing one of three games, Octodad, Knack, and DriveClub.

DriveClub PlayStation+ version won’t be the full version.

One of the many launch titles which is set to be released along side the PlayStation 4 is DriveClub, a huge open world, social racing game. At the big PlayStation 4 reveal Evolution studio's told us to expect the game to launch both digitally and retail, as well as a PlayStation+ version for those who subscribe. All is not what it seems however as the PlayStation+ version will be missing some cars and tracks.

DriveClub Playable Demo at E3

DriveClub certainly made a splash when they demo'd their strictly first person racing game at the PlayStation 4 launch event. The graphics were phenomenal and the detail that was put into every inch of the car was breath taking. It hasn't really made a public appearance before but lucky visitors to the E3 event next week will be able to get a chance to play the game for the first time - ever.

Check Out These Sweet DriveClub Promo Images

These new DriveClub Promo images were posted on NeoGAF yesterday apparently in response to the Gran Turismo 6 announcement. I'm a little dubious as to whether that's a legitimate reason or just speculation from the gaming forums users. The images were originally pulled from the Dutch PlayStation site.

DriveClub Trailer

So in my round up of the PlayStation event from last week I spoke about Driveclub, a game where players race as a team and it's the first, first-person racing game of it's kind. I also told you how I didn't realise the video being played was actual game-play footage.
PlayStation 4 Event

The PlayStation 4 Event Had No PlayStation 4.

After a late night of trying to watch the most appalling live stream ever I've woken up with bleary eyes and an overwhelming feeling that I stayed up till around 1:30 am to watch a bunch of gameplay trailers, and a closer look at a controller we've seen already..

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