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Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale will be Standalone, Coming to...

Techland has revealed more details about its upcoming battle royale mode for Dying Light, Dying Light: Bad Blood, that'll be launching into Early Access later this year.

Dying Light Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary with Valentines Day Treats

Dying Light hits its third anniversary this year and to celebrate, Techland are releasing a bunch of free stuff for players.
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Dying Light Latest Game to go Battle Royale

The latest Dying Light expansion, Bad Blood, will add a new PvP Battle Royale mode to the game. Given the recent success of PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s relatively unsurprising that developer Techland will begin offering a similar mode for Dying Light.

Dying Light DLC #0 Arrives on Console Along Side DLC #1

Techland has today announced that the previously released content drop for their zombie survival game, Dying Light, is now available on console along with Content Drop #1.
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Hyper Mode Returns to Dying Light

Dying Light developer Techland has announced that fan-favourite community-lead challenge, Hyper Mode, will be coming back to Dying Light.

Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 Arrives Today

Techland has released the first free content for Dying Light, titled Content Drop #0, which brings another deadly new faction as well as a new zombie to the Old Town.
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Dying Light Gets Another Year of Content

Techland's zombie survival game Dying Light is still alive and very much kicking, so much so that the developers are supporting the game for another year with a bunch of new content.
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Techland Announces Halloween ‘Zombiefest’ in Dying Light

Techland has announced that a brand new Halloween Community Bounty will be taking place in Dying Light this weekend that's set to pit Survivors and Night Hunters against each other.
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Techland is Working on Two New Games, Including New IP

Dead Island and Dying Light developer Techland has revealed that they're currently working on two new titles, one of which is a brand new IP.
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Dying Light Novel Tells the Origins of the Infection

Techland has announced that the novel, Dying Light: Nightmare Row, penned by Raymond Benson, is now available internationally through Amazon.
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Rocket League Comes to Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light: The Following is an absolutely brilliant addition to the game, and while zipping around in dune buggies turning zombies with no road sense into pink mist, wouldn't it be lovely if you could, y'know, play car football? Like in Rocket League!
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Dying Light: The Following Review – I’ve Been Driving in my...

Techland aren't unfamiliar with zombie-themed games thanks to Dead Island, however with Dying Light, the developer offered something more than just an all-out zombie survival game, an open world game where the sky is literally the limit. If you could see it, you could probably climb it. This addition of free running made Dying Light an exhilarating experience as you threw yourself over walls and across the tops of buildings in an effort to escape.

Techland Promises to Support Dying Light for Another Year

Dying Light developer Techland has revealed today in an open letter to fans that following the great reception of their recent re-release of Dying Light and the launch of The Following expansion, the developer plans to support the game for another year.

Unlock More Dying Light Goodies with a Mobile Game

TechLand and GameResort's latest games, Dying Light and Stupid Zombies 3, respectively, are now bound by more than just the need to murder the undead.

Dying Light Community Maps Coming to Consoles

Dying Light developer Techland has been frequently showing support for its community after the launch of the Dying Light Dev Tools, a toolkit that allows modders to create unique and interesting maps within the Dying Light universe. Unfortunately these have always been limited to the PC version of the game, but there's good news, Techland has revealed that community maps will start coming to console too!

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