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God of War 2016 – Kratos versus the Troll

God of War E3 2016 Trailer is the Most Watched Trailer...

Here's an interesting tidbit. The reveal trailer for Sony's upcoming God of War game, has become the most watched trailer of all games revealed at E3 this year, beating the previous holder, Battlefield 1.
Detroit: Become Human

Everyone Can Die in Detroit: Become Human

At Sony's E3 event last week, the company unveiled a brand new IP from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream called Detroit: Become Human, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Ubisoft’s Steep, The Extreme Sports Game We’ve Been Waiting For?

Ubisoft are always full of surprises when it comes to E3, last year we saw For Honor ending the show, leaving people with a taste for viking melee action, and now this year we got Steep, an extreme sports game featuring snowboarding, wingsuits, and much more. But is it the game we've been waiting for?
akibas beat

Akiba’s Beat Gets an E3 Gameplay Trailer

With XSEED bringing Akiba's Beat to the west, we were surprised at E3 earlier this week with a gameplay trailer and a swath of information about the upcoming entry into the Akbia's series.

See More Robot Dinosaur Action in Horizon Zero Dawn’s E3 Trailer

Sony had a pretty big year at E3 2016, with a number of new reveals including God of War, Days Gone, and Farpoint, but there was also a glimpse at some of the games we already knew about, including Horizon Zero Dawn.
gwent card game

[E3 2016] Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Confirmed, has a Beefy...

What's the best way to continue a game's legacy even though development and releases for the third and final game are complete? Release a card game not only based on said game, but one that actually featured in the game too! And that's exactly what CD Projekt RED have done with Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

[E3 2016] We Happy Few Coming to Xbox One Game Preview

Compulsion Games’ dystopian smile-filled creep fest, We Happy Few is coming to the Xbox One Game Preview program this July, Microsoft announced during their E3 media briefing earlier this week.

[E3 2016] The Surge Gets its First Trailer

After a while of teasing Deck 13's upcoming dystopian action adventure game, The Surge, Focus Home Interactive has now finally unleashed the game's debut trailer showing off the game in action.
azz custom controller

[E3 2016] Build your Dream Xbox One Controller with the Xbox...

Microsoft has done pretty well with releasing different controllers to suit players' aesthetics, but now they've put the colour controls in your hands, literally, with the Xbox Design Lab.

[E3 2016] Here’s a Look at Playdead’s Next Game, Inside

At Microsoft's E3 2016 media briefing, we finally got a closer look at Playdead's upcoming title, Inside, and it's more LIMBO than you may think.

[E3 2016] Sony Unveils PlayStation VR Release Date

We knew already that the PlayStation VR, or PS VR, would be launching in October, but now we know the exact date.
days gone

[E3 2016] Days Gone Looks like the Stuff of Nightmares

You'd think the world would have had enough of zombie survival games, but apparently not as Bend Studio have unveiled Days Gone, a nightmare inducing survival game where the environment is your friend.

[E3 2016] Farpoint Announced for PlayStation VR

At E3 2016 this year, Sony focused a fair bit on their upcoming peripheral, PS VR, which is set to launch on October 13. Along with unveiling the release date, they unveiled a number of new games coming to the virtual reality platform, too.
Minecraft Artwork

[E3 2016] Minecraft to Become Cross Compatible with Other Platforms

At Microsoft's media briefing at E3 2016 earlier this week, the company unveiled that the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft would become cross-compatible with mobile and Xbox One.
Mike Ybarra

[E3 2016] Xbox One Update to Bring Clubs and More Improvements

At Microsoft's E3 event earlier this week, the company not only unveiled two new Xbox One consoles, but also revealed some upcoming features coming to the current Xbox One.

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