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E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: Nintendo

E3 gets closer and closer every day and we're back with another preview to help you with the wait. This week we're jumping into...

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: PlayStation

The road to E3 2017 rolls on this week as we visit Sony's plan for the PlayStation family. Taking their normal time slot on Monday night, Sony looks to follow the big announcements from Microsoft that we'll have had over 24 hours to let sink in.

Is It Time To Worry About Red Dead Redemption 2’s Release?

It's not a surprise nowadays to see a game get delayed, even pushed back multiple times. We should almost consider any release date these...

New Star Wars Battlefront, Need For Speed Games Will Be At...

EA have announced what we can all expect to see at this years E3 EA Play event in LA. The list includes a notable return to current franchises and EA are promising a bunch of new IP's "to be confirmed".

E3 Opens to the Public for the First Time Ever

For the past few years I've heard the same thing being said about E3 from several other journalists: "E3 is dead". So it comes as no surprise that the once closed-to-the-public event will now be open to a huge number of players this year.

Bethesda at E3 2016? Maybe Not.

Mr. Hines states that this year seemed to be the perfect time to be there, considering the rapid expansion of their games and with several rather large titles already highly anticipated this year, but every year? Or ever again? He’s not sure.
Just Cause 3

E3 2015: New Just Cause 3 Trailer @ SE E3

Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 3 takes Rico Rodriguez back to his homeland of Medici, where he moves to overthrow a new tyrannical dictator, General Di Ravello. This homeland translates to four hundred square miles of land “from sky to seabed”, filled with buildings, vehicles and enemies that Rico will surely have ample opportunity to destroy in a number of creative ways.
Star Fox Zerovideo

E3 2015: Star Fox: Zero Announced at Nintendo’s Conference

After luring us in with some glorious Muppets-style versions of its chief personnel, Nintendo proceeded to knock us for six by revealing a new...

Sony’s E3 conference to be live-streamed in theatres

Sony has announced that their E3 conference this year will be live-streamed across the US and Canada in chosen movie theatre locations. They also simulcasted their 2014 conference last year across North America, so it seems it was generally well received enough to warrant doing it again.

Bethesda will be Holding a Press Conference at E3 for the...

Surprisingly Bethesda have never had their own press conference at E3, this was something I was totally unaware of until Bethesda revealed via their blog that they'll be attending this year, for the first time ever. Though to be fair, E3 is mental and ends up in a huge fog of gaming news anyway..

Evolve Alpha Sign-Up Details Revealed

You better get on the ball too if you want to be in with a chance to join like-minded monster hunters too as it looks as though Turtle Rock will be selecting participants as soon as July the 5th... That's tomorrow!
Far Cry 4 Headervideo

Ubisoft Unveil Far Cry 4 “The Press Has Spoken” Trailer

Ubisoft had an incredible E3, the company not only hosted one of the best conferences on Day 0 but also showed of some of the most exciting games. Today Ubisoft have released a new trailer for one of the games I am looking forward to the most, Far Cry 4.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Extended E3 Trailer

Konami have released an "extended" version of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 trailer. The E3 2013 trailer received both Green and Red band trailers, with the red band version getting 2 or 3 minutes of extra footage, this years trailer only featured a couple of lines of dialogue right at the end.

Alien Isolation Trailer Celebrates A Good E3

Creative Assembly and SEGA had an amazing E3 with Alien Isolation having receiving over 40 Awards Nominations at the event. In celebration they have released a new trailer for game, although the trailer doesn't show off anything new it does show of the games atmosphere and the amazing level of detail found on the Xenomorph.

What Will Happen to Nintendo?

Climbing ladders and dodging barrels rolling down a ramp was a favourite pastime as a kid for many. Donkey Kong was one of Nintendo's first releases that people remember back in 1981.

Since then, Nintendo have managed to release six consoles and eight versions of handheld consoles selling more than 669 million units in total and over 4.2 billion video games. But is the legacy of Nintendo coming to an end against its competition of today?

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