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Electronic Arts, or EA Games, is an American video company which develops and publishes many popular franchises such as FIFA, Need for Speed, and Battlefield.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Adds Obi-Wan Kenobi & General Grievous

EA has announced via Twitter that they'll be giving a free update for Star Wars Battlefront 2 next week which will include adding one new hero and one new villain, in addition to gaining a new map in the process too. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi will be joining the battlefield along with his rival Episode III villain, General Grievous.

Anthem Producer Insists There Is No Delay

Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah has taken to Twitter to shut down any further worries over the release date of the game following rumors circulating online.

Command and Conquer is Getting a Remaster

Electronic Arts have announced that the original Command and Conquer and its alternate reality spin-off, Command and Conquer: Red Alert, are both getting HD remasters.

What Are Anthem’s Four Character Classes?

EA and BioWare's new title Anthem, releasing February 22 2019, puts players in a hostile world piloting their advanced mech suits called Javelins which come in four distinct shapes...

Mass Effect N7 Armour Confirmed For Anthem

For a few months now a lot of fans have been asking the developers of Anthem for all sorts of interesting components to put into the game, wether it be certain gear, abilities, equipment and more.

Mass Effect Andromeda Enhanced for Xbox One X

BioWare has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda has been patched and enhanced to Xbox One X as part of their celebratory N7 day. This will, in turn, enhance the resolution and add HDR support to further your experience of the space action RPG.

Battlefield 5 PC Requirements and Pre-Load Dates Revealed

After somewhat of a rough start, EA’s Battlefield 5 is beginning to ramp up just in time for its newly revised launch date, or dates...

Respawn Entertainment Might have Titanfall 3 in the Works Too

In EA Games' quarterly earnings call, the company revealed that Respawn Entertainment has multiple games in the works slated for Holiday 2019 - could it be Titanfall 3?

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Launching in March 2019

Firestorm, Battlefield 5's battle royale mode, is set to now launch in March, 2019, developer DICE has announced in a blog post.

Battlefield 5 Story Trailer is Here

DICE and EA Games have released a brand new trailer for Battlefield 5 which teases the games Story Mode.

Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale Mode is Called Firestorm, Has 64 Players

EA Games and DICE have revealed more information about their upcoming Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 5 including its name and how many players...

Gamescom 2018: Battlefield 5 Open Beta Dates Unveiled

DICE has revealed that the open beta for Battlefield 5 will begin on September 4 for pre-orders or Origin/EA Access subscribers and September 6 for everyone else.

Check out 20 minutes of Anthem Gameplay!

After Bioware's E3 2018 deep dive into the world of Anthem, it's hard to not start getting excited for what this game could be. Like Destiny before it, Anthem is an ambitious MMO-Action RPG that looks to blur the lines between the two genres.

Xbox One Users Get Limited 10 Hour Trial For Unravel Two

Xbox One users can play a limited time demo of Unravel Two, consisting of the first two levels.

There’s Plenty of Sims 4 Content Planned

The Sims 4 is set to get plenty of content over the next three years, developer Maxis has announced.


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