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Mike Tyson Confirmed as a Playable Character in EA Sports UFC...

Much like the original EA Sports UFC game, EA Sports UFC 2 is set to have another iconic fighter become playable in the ultimate fighting title: Mike Tyson.

EA Sports UFC 2 Enters the Octogon this March

EA Sports has announced that their second instalment into their UFC fighting series, EA Sports UFC 2, will be launching on March 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

First Footage for EA Sports UFC 2 Arrives

EA Sports has released the first handful of gameplay videos for its upcoming UFC game, EA Sports UFC 2. The set of videos each show off a number of the game's improved features including grappling, knock out, and submissions.

Here’s a Teaser Trailer for EA Sports Punching Game, UFC 2

For some reason people like to watch other people grapple and punch each other. I get wrestling, it's like a more aggressive soap opera, but cage fighting and all that I just don't get it. Anyway, if UFC is your sort of thing you'll be pleased to know that EA Sports has announced the second title in its now UFC series, though nothing new is shown.

FIFA 16 Demo Launches Today, Lets you Control a Women’s Team

EA Sports announced that FIFA 16 would be getting a demo some time last month, and now today it's finally here. As you can expect from a demo, there's limited functionality, but there's enough there to give you a good taste of the game before it launches on September 22.

Hey Look, FIFA 16 Has a Woman on the Cover

After 22 years, the FIFA video game series is finally getting with the times. Earlier this year EA Sports announced that for the first time in the series, 12 national women's football teams can be found in the game, and now, depending on where you live, a female football player will be on the cover along side long-time cover star Lionel Messi.
141st Open Championship – Previewsvideo

Rory McIlroy Takes the Clubs from Woods in EA Sports PGA...

Ugh. Tiger Woods is so nineties. Thankfully we've got a brand new golfing super star on our hands in the form of the 25-year-old Irish lad, Rory McIlroy. And what a great time to announce his take over from Woods, on St. Patrick's Day!

Madden 2015 Successfully Predicted the Super Bowl Results

As sport simulation games become more and more true-to-life and sophisticated, the more accurate games are becoming at predicting the outcome of sporting events. Thanks to the inclusion of real-world player statistics as well as algorithms to factor in things such as weather conditions and other minor stats, video games can not only feel like you're really playing the sport that you're simulating, they're now becoming pretty accurate ways to predict the outcome of sporting events.
FIFA 15video

Sponsored Video: FIFA 15’s Christmas Commercial has Messi Playing Football with...

Though the Christmas festivities are now over, EA Sports still want you to give a gift of FIFA 15 this.. new year.. with their latest commercial that sees FC Barcelona's forward, Lionel Messi, playing football with a gingerbread man. And no, I'm not kidding.

Xbox One Owners to Get Six Hour Trial of NBA Live...

For those of you still pondering whether to get NBA Live 15 when it launches on October 31 this juicy bit of news might help you decide. If you're an Xbox One owner EA Sports is offering you a free time-limited trial of the game giving you a chance to experience both the game itself and EA's EA Access.
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UK Gaming Charts: Even The Evil Within Can’t Spook FIFA 15...

Chart-Track have released the latest UK gaming charts for last week and unsurprisingly FIFA 15 is still holding strong in first place despite big releases such as Bethesda's The Evil Within and 2K's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launching last week to critical acclaim. Will anything ever shake EA Sports football title from the top spot?

Ear Nibbler Luis Suarez is also Banned from FIFA 15 Until...

Remember the World Cup? That was a fun summer, eh? Do you also remember that fateful match between Uruguay and Italy where striker Luis Suarez decided to have lunch early and took a chunk out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini? Well following that match Suarez was banned from "all football activities" by governing body FIFA until the end of October and it seems that ban also applies to FIFA 15. They don't call it "one of the best" for no reason y'know!
arsenal FIFA 15

Some Football Stars are Unhappy About Their Stats in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 launches today in the UK and many football fans and gamers alike are sporting bleary eyes after spending most of the early hours of the morning playing their new purchase. Those that have already sunk a few hours into the game will notice just how much more the players look like their real life counterparts and play like them too. Those who purchased the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also notice how much these details have been improved thanks to EA Sports access to hundreds of the footballers in England's top division, but there are some people out there who aren't fans of certain parts of the games, the footballers themselves.
arsenal FIFA 15video

Crazy FIFA 15 Turns the Worlds Best Football Game into an...

A bug that’s been affecting a small selection of PC players has sent one of the best football games available into a high school game of football as all players, including the goalkeepers, run into the center circle and go crazy for the ball.
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EA’s FIFA 15 Demo was Played by 5.5 Million Players

Coor Blimey, EA have revealed some impressive numbers for their latest instalment to the FIFA football franchise but they're not quite what you'd expect. Yesterday following the launch of FIFA 15 in the US, EA announced that the FIFA 15 demo, that's been available to download for a few weeks now, has been played by 5.5 million players.

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