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EGX Rezzed 2019 is set to be the Biggest in Event...

EGX Rezzed 2019 is returning to Tobacco Dock in London next April and promises to be the biggest yet. Rezzed, or EGX Rezzed as it's...

Chlo’s Highlights from EGX Rezzed 2017

On Saturday, I took a trip to EGX Rezzed in London to see what fun indie games were in the works as well as...

Recommended First-Stops at EGX Rezzed

In exactly a week the Tobacco Docks in London will be awash with nerds looking to get their hands on some of the best upcoming indie and PC games coming on the market in the next year or so. However all these games can often be quite overwhelming, where do you start? Well, we've got a few suggestions.

Microsoft Confrims [email protected] Games will be at EGX Rezzed Next Month

EGX Rezzed is the place to be in the UK next month if you're into both independent studios and PC games, with a huge selection of large and small indie studios as well as a handful of fantastic PC titles all available to play throughout the four-day spread. This year also coincides with the BAFTA Game Awards too, and if you managed to snap up a ticket, you'll be able to snap up a seat at the event. This year Microsoft has also confirmed that [email protected] games will be at EGX Rezzed next month too.

Leftfield Collection Submissions Now Open for EGX Rezzed 2015

Hey indie gamers! Look away from your coding for a second and take a look at this! The Gamer Network has announced this week that submissions for the Leftfield Collection are now open and thanks to a sponsorship from SEGA entries are absolutely free! Though be warned, places are limited so you better get back to coding and complete that game in time!

Tickets for EGX Rezzed in London are on Sale Now!

This time last week EGX London was in full swing with over 70,000 attendees checking out 100+ unreleased games, but if you're more into your indie games or PC titles, then EGX Rezzed is probably more to your taste, right? Well you'll be pleased to know that you'll be able to grab your tickets now, but remember, unlike last year it's being held at London's Tobacco Dock not the NEC in Birmingham, its bigger brother EGX is heading there next year instead.

Want to Win EGX Tickets for Life? Take a Video Camera!

EGX London is currently in full swing with thousands of gamers getting hands on for the first time with a ton of upcoming releases such as Sunset Overdrive, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Alien Isolation, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pay to get in? Well EGX are offering the chance for you to win a pair of tickets to both EGX London and EGX Rezzed for life.

Creative Assembly Announce October 7 Release Date for Alien: Isolation.

Today during their Developer Session at EGX Rezzed, Creative Assembly announced the release date for their upcoming survival horror title, Alien: Isolation, which is October 7!

EGX Rezzed | Containment Protocol Hands On

Containment Protocol brings to mind a death-defying stunt by a trapeze artist. To the uninitiated, it stands on tiptoes balanced between cutting edge gameplay and minimalist visuals. Similtaneously it pulls on your ability to remember details large and small while at the same time forcing you to think quickly to adapt to new situation. Expecting your senses to work at their best while denying them what they need to do so. Before the awe-struck audience they wait to see if the artist will fall from the rope or stand strong against gravity.

Team 17 Reveal All on Flockers, Their First Non-Worms Game in...

When you think of Team 17 you immediately think of Worms, right? If not, where have you been for the past decade? Anyway, rock dwellers aside, Yesterday at EGX Rezzed Team 17 unveiled their first non-worms game in almost 13 years to the public, Flockers, and oh boy, it's a real treat!

EGX Rezzed | Hands On with Alien: Isolation

After waiting  for 30 minutes I'm lead into what can only be described as a 'staging area'. Above me the ceiling is obscured by...
Alien Isolation 3

Want to Know Alien: Isolations Launch Date? You’ll have to Attend...

Following the announcement of the full lineup of Developer Sessions that'll be held at EGX: Rezzed this weekend, Creative Assembly have revealed that they'll be exclusively announcing the release date of their survival horror title Alien: Isolation at the end of their Developer Session on Saturday.

Twitch Announces Live Streaming Partnership for EGX Rezzed, Developer Sessions Announced...

Twitch recently announced its role as the official live-streaming partner of EGX Rezzed which is being held at the Birmingham NEC on March 28-30, and EGX which is being held at Earls Court, London on September 25-28. Amidst that news EGX Rezzed has also revealed the full line-up of Developer Sessions that'll be streamed too.

Be The First in the World to Play Alien: Isolation at...

If you're planning on attending EGX: Rezzed in Birmingham this year, this tasty morsel of news will have you buying your ticket faster than when The Spice Girls announced they were doing a world tour. SEGA's next Alien title, Alien: Isolation, will be available to play for the first time ever at the event.

Gamer Network Rebrands Rezzed and Eurogamer Expo as Tickets go on...

If you're yet to receive the email you'll be pleased to know that tickets for next years Rezzed Expo are now on sale, you'll also be interested to read that both the Eurogamer Expo and Rezzed have now been rebranded to EGX and EGX Rezzed repectively confirm the Gamer Network.

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