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51 New Emojis Could Arrive This Year

With the launch of Unicode 10 planned later this year, we might be seeing many more diverse Emoji's landing on our phones. But what are they?

Hasbro is Letting Players Vote for the Next Monopoly Tokens, it...

Monopoly, a game which can split up even the most strongest family, even down to choosing the playing pieces can become a free for all as no one wants to be left with the iron. However, what if you could replace that with, say, the cry laughing emoji? Well that's exactly what Hasbro is doing.

Face Palm emoji Coming in iOS 10?

We all know how popular emojis have become in recent years, whether it be the face with tears of joy or the raised hands of celebration. But we could be set to see another 74 added to the collection including: selfies, face palms and fist pumps.

Twitter’s new emoji’s mark the COP21 Climate Change Conference

Twitter is once again introducing custom emojis and has put together some new icons, activated by using select hashtags, to mark the United Nations...

New Emojis? Who Cares? A Bacon Emoji?? I’m Listening…

People often mistake Apple as the company that are in control of emojis, I mean they were the first company to really make use of the little icons which are now used to express feelings rather than just typing it out, but it's actually Unicode - a nonprofit organisation which governs the Unicode Standard - and they're looking to introduce a bunch of new icons into the mix.

Ordering Pizza with Emojis? It’s More Likely Than You Think…

The Emoji fad is taking over, with Dominos hopping on board to allow customers to order pizza via Twitter. On May 20, tweeting the pizza...

Emojis are Used Almost Half as Much as Text on Instagram..

Emojis are quickly becoming the preferred method of communication between the youth today, using a series of faces, hand gestures, and vegetables to quickly compose a message that even the most expert cryptologists can't crack, but for some reason it's all the rage amongst the younger generation, and it's a fad that I don't quite understand, and I'm only in my late twenties. For some reason though, Instagram is awash with Emoji, to the point where they've almost taken over text in the amount that they're used according to the site's research.

Thanks to Unicode 7.0 We can Now Give our Friends the...

Emoji, something that first too the iPhone world by storm has finally been included in the latest version of Android and for those just getting used to the various little pictographs of food, vehicles, and faces will be pleased (or not so) to find out that with Unicode 7.0, over 250 brand new icons will be coming to our smartphone soon.

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