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Nintendo Finally Gets a Wii U / 3DS Cross-Buy Title in...

You've probably heard of cross-buy if you're an avid PlayStation gamer, a feature which once you purchase the console version of a game and you the handheld version for free, or vice-versa. It's something that's been present on the PlayStation 3 and 4 / PS Vita for some time now offering both the game, and the ability to sync saves between the two platforms. Finally, Nintendo are offering this feature, at least in Europe, with the first cross-buy title, Squids Odyssey, which has been on the eShop since May.
Pokemon Bank

Pokémon Bank for Nintendo 3DS is Now Available in Europe and...

Over Christmas Nintendo attempted to launch the Nintendo Bank for the Nintendo 3DS, the launch was intended to be worldwide but as soon as word got out that it was in the Nintendo eShop everyone went mad. Mad enough to crash the entire eShop across the world so Nintendo decided to pull the app, and roll it out slowly.

Nintendo Issues Apology for Network Issues as Full eShop Services Return

Over this past week, I’m sure many Nintendo gamers were disappointed to find network services suffering from severe issues and periods of downtime between December 25th-26th, including the limited and rickety return of the Nintendo Network service (mainly the eShop stores) as of the 27th-28th of December. According to updates from the US Nintendo twitter page, services have been fully restored and are now securely accessible to a majority of public users, though there is no update on limited access from the European services despite Nintendo of America reassuring gamers that all services are available.

YouTube App Finally Arrives on the 3DS, Forgets 3D Capabilities.

After a three hour session on Pokémon or A Link Between Worlds you'll probably want to relax, unwind and watch some cats do some stupid things. Usually that'd require putting your 3DS down and picking up your phone, tablet, or even laptop and we all know how much effort that can be, but don't fret, the YouTube app is now available on the 3DS!

AiRace Speed for 3DS Review

If you took the repeated death after death after death that you get when playing VVVVVV and mashed it together with the space-age racing game WipeOut you'll get AiRace Speed. This game is the most painfully addictive game I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing and it probably has become the first game that has defeated me numerous times from so very early on in the game.

The Wonderful 101 demo now available on the Nintnedo eShop

Superhero games always seem to focus on one hero; Batman, Superman, Spider-man. They're all the same, so why not grab the demo to The Wonderful 101 and try something a little different and take control of 101 heroes!

Alien Chaos 3D Review

The Nintendo eShop for the 3DS is a fantastic place to get some pretty decent games for a really reasonable price. Updated almost every week there's a large library of games from well known publishers like Level 5 with games like Attack of the Friday Monsters, then there's classic games which we all used to play on the NES such as Super Mario Bros.

Sometimes there's little gems on there too which usually cost a little under £5 these games offer quick and fun gameplay that doesn't need much time dedicated to it. Games like Alien Chaos 3D are what I'm talking about. For £3.59 you've got a fun, fast paced action platformer which, if you let it, could occupy you for hours.
Castlevania Logo

Nintendo eShop – Castlevania

One of the greatest and most devilish games ever made has finally made its way onto the 3DS eShop – Castlevania. This NES classic has both enthralled and frustrated gamers since its release in 1986.

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