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Comcast to Spend $50M on United State’s First Video Gaming Arena

It would be hard to deny that e-sports are becoming a huge phenomenon right now. The telecommunications conglomerate Comcast has certainly noticed, announcing that...

Don’t Expect Esports to be an Olympic Sport Any Time Soon

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach has said that "so-called killer games" will stop esports becoming an Olympic sport.

Spectator Esports: Can Casual Gamers Be Hardcore Fans?

Spectator sport is a term often used to describe games like baseball, soccer, and basketball. It’s a relatively simple idea -- these are games...

Blizzard Announce Overwatch Pacific Championship 2017

Blizzard has this weekend announced the formation of a new Overwatch championship, the Overwatch Pacific Championship, that'll bring Overwatch esports to Taipei, Taiwan.
SFV Top 5 Eleague Players to watch

5 Players to Watch at SFV ELEAGUE

It's going down boys and girls. Monday 27th ET. Palms will be sweaty and there'll be vomit on sweaters already. Possibly due to Mom's...
CPT 2017

Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Details Revealed

Holy moly! Capcom has entered the fray with this years Pro Tour details and it's looking pretty spicy. Some key changes have been made...
Screenshot 2017-02-22 14

Is Street Fighter V The WWE of eSports?

"I'm just a one hit wonder but you just got cooked by my Secondary..." A glorious quote from earlier this week on ESL's weekly King of The Hill event.
smashbox 2

We’re Partnering up to Bring you SmashBox 2 – A UK...

This coming Saturday, February 11th, Team Phoenix will be bringing the UK their second National Melee tournament: SmashBox 2. In following with our own production...
Worms WMD Review #2

Worms eSports? Now That’s an eSport I’d Watch…

The term eSports has come a long way in the past few years. This genre of sport, if you could call it that, has evolved further than just first-person shooter and MOBAs to include various gaming mediums like Rocket League, and now... Worms?

Finland Recognise eSports as Olympic Sports!

Astounding news from the Finnish Olympic Committee. The organisation have become one of few in the world to recognise eSports as Olympic sports! This comes as a result of the International eSports Federation (IeSF) campaigning to become recognised the world over.
british esports

British eSports Association Announces Advisory Board

Earlier this year the British eSports Association was founded. Though it was early days, it marked a huge step for eSports here in the UK. Now the association is keen to announce that they've put together their advisory board and have launched a new website.

Here’s What’s in Store for Hearthstone eSports Next Year

With this year's Hearthstone Championship Tour coming to an end, Blizzard has released a few little teasers for what may be in store for Hearthstone and eSports next year, and it looks like it's going to be big.

n3rdabl3’s 4th Smash Tournament is Happening Today!

Today starting at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST will be the stream for 4 Glory: n3xt l3v3l. 4 Glory is, aptly named, the 4th...
n3 + Matcherino

n3rdabl3 and Matcherino present: Smasherino

In a bid to allow the fans to sponsor the esports entertainment that they want, a crew of businessmen and gamers in Washington have created Matcherino. Based on the premise of crowdfunding tournaments and esports experiences, Matcherino is looking to let the fans increase the production value of events worldwide.
EVO 2016

Why you Should be Watching EVO 2016

Since 2002,  the highest caliber of fighting games have met in Las Vegas to attend the Evolution Championship Series, or Evo. Maintaining a constant...

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