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You can now Play EVE Online for Free!

Today marks a huge day for EVE Online as for the first time in thirteen years the game will be completely free for everyone.

After 13 Years EVE Online is Finally Going Free

CCP has today announced that after 13 years of being under a paid subscription model, their massive space MMORPG is finally going free. That's right, you'll be able to dive right into a game which sees thousands of players jump into one huge persistent universe without paying a penny.

Some Player Vaporised $1,500 in EVE Online over the Weekend

This weekend one player thought it would be a good idea to undock from Jita with $1,500 worth of PLEX in a Caldari rookie ship known as an Ibis, if that sentence alone confuses you as it did with me, it's the equivalent of someone leaving a bank with £986 worth of fivers stuffed into a Tesco bag. Whichever way you look at it, it's a pretty bad idea. So it comes as no surprise that as soon as pilot Ozuwara Ozuwara left Jita, he was attacked, which blasted all of that PLEX into oblivion.

Steam Summer Sales Day 9

Day 9 of the Steam Summer Sales (19/07/13) and I'm still here! We're getting close to the end of the sales, but we'll keep on trucking forward with 5 more bargains that I feel are particularly good from the selection
Eve Online

EVE Online “True Stories from the First Decade”

The EVE Online universe is once again to taken steps to grow even larger. Developer CCP have launched “True Stories from the First Decade” which is an effort that aims to discover, gather and feature the greatest player stories from EVE Online.
DUST 514

DUST 514, in a universe of it’s own.

When a developer CCP put forward the idea for a first person shooter set in the already established universe of EVE online, offering cross game and platform play you can’t help but fill with excitement. Actions in one game would affect the political and economic status of the other. Once again however I find myself baffled at the false promises of a game that would be ground breaking and unique if i wasn’t finding myself looking at what can only be described as a mess.
Dust 514

CCP Merges Dust 514 with Eve Online’s Eden Universe

CCP the creators of space MMORPG, Eve Online, has announced that on January 22nd, Dust 514 will officially move into open beta and become...

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