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Codemasters Swoops in to Save Evolution Studios

Despite Sony seemingly putting an end to Evolution Studios, it might not be so, as Codemasters has swooped in to save the DriveClub developer.
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DriveClub Developers Hope to Stay Together Following Studio Closure

Earlier this week, Sony announced that they'd closed down Evolution Studios, the developer behind the multiplayer-focused racer, DriveClub, and while it was sad news for the future of the game, it looks as if the development team may stay together.
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Sony Shuts Down DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios

It's hard to say that we didn't see this coming, but after the disastrous launch that was DriveClub, the developer behind the game is no more.

DriveClub is Getting a Hardcore Mode in February

Evolution Studios has already revealed that an update is coming to DriveClub next month, adding that they're going to "pack a lot in," but we weren't sure exactly what this update will include. However, we do know that it'll include a Hardcore mode.
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Big Update Planned for DriveClub in February

DriveClub, the connected racing game that could have been, is still getting full support from its developers Evolution Studios who has recently teased an upcoming update for February that's going to "pack a lot in."

DriveClub Bikes is a new Standalone Expansion

Hey look, DriveClub is getting bikes after all. Following an accidental PEGI listing, Evolution Studios has now confirmed that DriveClub Bikes is in fact coming to the PlayStation 4 driving game.
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DriveClub Bikes for PS4 Revealed by PEGI

It looks like DriveClub may be getting either a massive expansion or a completely new sequel as a PEGI rating for something called DriveClub Bikes has surfaced, and has quickly been removed.
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DriveClub is Expected to get Another Year of Content

DriveClub, the gorgeous driving sim from Evolution Studios, will be getting continued support for the next year, the developers have revealed. This will include both new features as well as content.
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Despite Troubles, DriveClub has Shifted 2 Million Copies

Despite the game's problems almost immediately after launch, DriveClub has finally redeemed itself and Sony has finally pushed out the PlayStation Plus version of the game. But even before then, the game managed to shift a pretty impressive 2 million copies.
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DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition is Here… Sort of…

After around 7 months since its original release date, the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub is finally here. This comes after an unexpected launch yesterday which also happened to once again kill a few servers. Now however, Sony is taking it slow and rolling out online play one step at a time.
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DriveClub for PlayStation Plus is in “Final Stages” of Development

After a frankly terrible launch fans have been faced with disappointment after disappointment with DriveClub and after an almost 12 month wait for the PlayStation Plus edition of the game, Evolution Studios has revealed that the game is almost ready.
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Big DriveClub Server Update Coming, PS Plus Version Imminent

Though there's still no release date for the PS Plus version of DriveClub, a significant server update is rolling out to the game today paving the way for the release of the stripped-down version. The update should have happened this morning with update 1.16 going live at the same time.

Free Motorstorm Buggy Lands in DriveClub

Before DriveClub, Evolution Studios worked on another racing game which you might have heard of. This racing game did a fantastic job of showing what the PlayStation 3 could do and is the reason why many had high hopes for DriveClub. That game is Motorstorm, and for those who miss that particular title can relive their offroading fantasies with the new Motorstorm DLC for DriveClub.
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DriveClub Developer to Lose 50+ Staff, Sources Say

Last week Sony confirmed that there were a number of job cuts happening at DriveClub developer, Evolution Studios. Little other details were given as to how many staff were being made redundant, or what would be happening to the studio. All we know is that the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub is still in the worlds and that this "isn't the end for DriveClub." Now however, sources say 55 members of staff have lost their positions.
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DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios Suffers Layoffs

Following a rocky few months, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios has revealed that the company has suffered a significant number of layoffs. DriveClub, which launched in October was faced with several problems and server issues making the game unplayable for some. Though the game has improved somewhat since then, many have been holding out for the free PlayStation Plus version of the game, which still hasn't arrived.

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