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Evolve is Getting Two New Maps for Free, Coming First to...

Turtle Rock Studios have announced that Evolve will be getting two free maps on March 31 first on Xbox One, with players on PlayStation 4 and PC having to wait until April 30.

Play Evolve This Weekend and Grab Exclusive Gold Monster Skin

If you've ever heard of the Turtle Rock Gold Skin or have ever seen it in the wild, then count yourself lucky as you've seen something rare: a Turtle Rock developer. Turtle Rock have been keeping an exclusive gold skin all for themselves since the launch of Evolve, but now they're letting you, the average player, bag a Turtle Gold Skin this weekend just by playing the game.

Evolve One Week In: Monsters are Gaining the Lead

Evolve has been available for a little over a week now so 2K games has decided to share how well the game is going...

Evolve Review: The Thrill of the Hunt

It's quickly becoming clear that the future of gaming has a heavier focus on multiplayer gameplay, with the likes of Call of Duty and even Grand Theft Auto offering much more in terms of online play, and games like The Crew and Titanfall solely focusing on multiplayer gaming. There's just one little problem, no matter how hard a game is stress tested, there's still problems, look at Driveclub for example; almost four months on and it's only just stable enough. So with Turtle Rock's Evolve being mostly multiplayer focussed, I was a little dubious as to how well it'd perform..
Evolve 2

UK Gaming Charts: Evolve Stomps Into First Place, The Legend of...

This week is a big week for the gaming charts where everything gets shaken up. For the past couple of weeks it's been a battle between three titles: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V, and as always FIFA 15. This week however, those three have been slapped out of the way by Turtle Rock's 4v1 shooter, Evolve, with a handful of Nintendo titles also littering the top ten charts thanks to the release of the New Nintendo 3DS.

Evolve Sees 1.2 Million Players Since Launch

This week saw the launch of Evolve, the massive four versus one multiplayer shooter which pits four hunters against one massive beast of a monster. Though times have been a little rocky, and there's a fair bit of controversy surrounding the game's DLC, the game seems to be doing well for itself, at least that's what Evolve's developer Turtle Rock has revealed in a Tweet this week.
Evolve 5video

Turtle Rock’s Evolve Launches Today, Here’s an Obligatory Launch Trailer

You can't have a video game launch without a launch trailer and Turtle Rock's Evolve is no different. The game, which launches today, is probably already loaded into your consoles or downloading on your PC, and chances are even if you've pre-loaded the game, you've got the 3GB update to download.
Evolve Logo

Evolve to get a 3GB Launch Day Patch

Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve launches tomorrow accompanied by a 3GB patch that will improve game loading times, fix bugs found during Beta also included in the patch are reworked Elite Skins and the option to connect to the companion app.

Evolve Singleplayer Gameplay Shown off in 20 min Dev Commentary

Evolve is getting closer. Can you feel the tension? We're about to face off against that huge monster bastard, or become it and murder...
Evolve Logo

Watch us Stream the Evolve Xbox One Beta on Twitch! (5pm...

With the Evolve Xbox One Beta well under way, we'll be hopping on at 5pm UK time broadcasting the game live on our Twitch channel! It'll definitely be worth a watch as myself, nor Joe have ever played the game before, so it'll be a treat!

Confused by Evolve’s DLC Plans? Developer Explains it a Little Clearer

This week Turtle Rock announced the fourth monster that'll be terrorising the hunters as well as DLC plans for the game, but instead of people being over the moon with the DLC offerings, it lead to fan outrage and confusion over the numerous bundles and options available and how the whole thing is laid out, so Phil Robb, co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios headed to the forums to explain things a little clearer..

Here’s Evolve’s Fourth Monster and Details on the Season Pass

These past few weeks we've got Evolve news coming out of our ears, first we hear that the game has gone gold, we see the opening cinematic, we also get the PC specifications, and now we have details on the games fourth monster and details on the Season Pass and what Turtle Rock have in store for us over the next few months..
evolve classes

Evolve’s Monstrous PC Specs Announced

Following the release of the PC specifications for The Witcher, we had high hopes that other games releasing this year wouldn't follow suit and require a beastly rig in order to run it. Thankfully, Turtle Rock has pulled through with the specs for Evolve that, though they're pretty demanding, aren't quite as gruelling as what CD Projekt Red require.

Pre-order Evolve, Get Instant Access to the Wraith

For those too impatient to actually work at unlocking new characters and such, Turtle Rock is giving you a bit of a helping hand, that is if you pre-order the game.
evolve 2video

Evolve has Gone Gold, so Here’s the Opening Cinematic

Turtle Rock and 2K Games have just announced that their 4v1 shooter, Evolve, has gone gold and is ready to be released!

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