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New Kraken Screen Shots From Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios have released a collection of new screen shots from their upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve. The new screen shots show of the new monster that was unveiled at this years E3, The Kraken. The Kraken looks a lot like Cthulhu although hopefully he wont send people mad just by looking at them.
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E3 2014: Xbox One to get Turtle Rock’s Evolve First.

Evolve got a fancy new trailer shown at Microsoft's conference along with the announcement that new content will be on the Xbox One first.

Bad news for gamers looking forward to Evolve on PS4 and PC but the good news is that it's likely to be timed content, meaning it'll probably get released on all versions eventually. What the content is has not yet been revealed.
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Evolve Receives October Release Date for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox...

2K games has just revealed the release date for the upcoming 4vs1 survival shooter from Turtle Rock Studios. Evolve is expected to land on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21.
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The Evolve 4v1 Interactive Trailer Has Gone Live

The Evolve 4v1 interactive trailer that was announced last week has gone live. The interactive trailer allows viewers to choose from who's perspective, to watch the game from.
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Evolve 4v1 Trailer Receives… A Trailer?

On the 24th of April, Evolve is going to receive a new interactive trailer experience for its 4v1 gameplay. This 4v1 trailer will allow viewers to make choices by clicking links within the trailer to receive a personal trailer for each of the classes or the monster.
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Turtle Rock Discusses Evolve Changes at PAX East.

At PAX East this past weekend, Left 4 Dead developers, Turtle Rock, discussed some new developments of their upcoming 4vs1 co-operative game, Evolve. Speaking with Polygon, Turtle Rock revealed that they've added a skill points system to characters as well as discovering the ideal duration each game should last.
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Turtle Rock Studios Unleash Evolve Screenshots at PAX East.

This past weekend Turtle Rock Studios unleashed a handful of new screenshots for their upcoming co-op shooter, Evolve, which gives us a glimpse at some of the games monsters and combat between the Goliath and human players! If I were in that situation, pants would be shat.

The n3rdcast Episode #13 | Steak Sauce

First off, the only way you'll understand what the fuck this is a picture of, you need to listen to the podcast...
Evolve – Goliathvideo

Mother! Evolve Gets a Monstrous Trailer

If you've been getting excited about the prospect of playing Predator inspired multiplayer monster hunting bonanza, Evolve, you'll be fit to explode at the...
Evolve – Goliath

Evolve – Medic and Support Classes Detailed and More

We covered the roles of the Assault and Trapper classes last week in this bowel tightening hunt-em-up and finally, the details for the Medic have emerged from the undergrowth.

Evolve – Turtle Rock Reveal First Hunters Markov and Griffin

Okay, so the reveal isn't exactly showing us what Markov and Griffin can do but the details are trickling out slowly, possibly like drops...

Evolve – New IP from the Creators of Left 4 Dead

Turtle Rock Studios, the minds behind undoubtedly the best zombie game ever, Left 4 Dead, are currently in the process of building another multiplayer masterpiece in the form of an alien hunting, four-on-one hunt-em-up.
GTA Online

GTA Online will ‘Evolve’, reveals Aaron Garbut

The lucky folks at Edge had a chat with Aaron Garbut (Art Director, GTA V) and the glorious results of their conversation can now be found online. The article gives you a great insight into the inner workings of Rockstar and the game industry generally, but I'm particularly hyped about what he has to say about GTA Online.

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