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The Fable Series isn’t Dead Yet, Returns as a Card Game

Despite Microsoft closing Lionhead Studios and cancelling development on Fable Legends, it looks as if the Fable series isn't dead just yet as ex-Lionhead devs have turned to Kickstarter to fund development on a collectable card game.
Fable Legends

Turns Out Lionhead Could have Been Saved, but Microsoft Wouldn’t Let...

Following the closure of Lionhead Studios, it's now come to light that things certainly could have worked out much better for the veteran studio if only Microsoft would let go of the Fable IP.
lionhead studios

Today Marks the End for Lionhead Studios

Following Microsoft announcing the closure of Lionhead Studios' Fable Legends, the future of the Fable studio was in jeopardy, though we weren't exactly sure whether the studio would close or not. Now, we have full confirmation that the studio has indeed been closed.

No More Fable Legends And No More Lionhead?!

Yes, that seems to be the word around the campfire, guys and dolls. Lionhead Studios may be no more.

Microsoft Delays Fable Legends, Beta Coming Spring 2016

Well, we asked what's happening with Fable: Legends, and a few days later, we have answers. And it's not looking good. Sadly, the game has been delayed slightly, and the planned open beta which is set to already be underway, will now be delayed until Spring 2016.
Fable Legends

So, Where is Fable Legends?

The upcoming Fable Legends, the next entry in the long loved Fable series was meant to have played it's hand this year. As part of Microsoft's big line up for 2015 we have to ask, where is Fable Legends?

New Fable Legends Trailer Takes a Look at Flair

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft are continuing their Heroes of Albion series this week with a brand new trailer which highlights another new character, Flair, a circus archer turned hero.
Fable Legends

Microsoft Squashes Fable Legends Release Date Leak

Last night there was a brief glimmer of hope that the upcoming free-to-play adventure game, Fable Legends, had a release date. The news was seemingly leaked out by accident, but Microsoft has swooped in and squashed the leak breaking our little hearts in the process.
Fable Legends

Fable Legends is free-to-play

Taking a leaf out of every MOBA's book, Fable Legends is officially going to be free-to-play. Fable Legends is Lionhead's first foray into the...

Fable Legends Beta Kicks off This Thursday, October 16

Lionhead Studios is still taking entries for their upcoming Xbox One multiplayer beta for Fable Legends, which is set to kick off this Thursday, October 18. When that day does roll around, the first wave of invites will be sent out with further rounds being sent out as the beta testing progresses. So if you're yet to sign up, do so now!

Gamescom 2014: Fable Legends Gets a New Trailer and Xbox One...

Yesterday during Microsoft's press briefing at Gamescom, Cologne, the company revealed a brand new Fable Legends trailer which tells you the story of the villains! Why? Because in Fable Legends one player can take on the unlikely band of heroes in four-on-one battles where the Villain has control over all of the enemies in a top-down RTS kind of way. Oooooo.

E3 2014: Fable Legends Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Shows Off Cooperative...

Microsoft unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for Lionhead Studios upcoming fantasy adventure, Fable Legends, showing off the games four-player cooperative play and how players can worth together to defeat the various Goblins and Ogres that your band of four come across.

Fable Legends Gets a New Hero, Meet Inga.

The third hero in Lionhead Studio's upcoming foray into the Fable universe for Xbox One, Fable Legends, has been revealed with a touching back-story of heroics and revenge. Inga isn't your typical bow-wearing lass either because if you get on the wrong side of her, she'll kick your ass.

Fable Legends Gets a New Enemy, Meet The Ogre.

Lionhead Studios has unveiled a new and fairly unpleasant addition to their upcoming Xbox One title, Fable Legends, a new enemy which not only looks awful, but smells just as bad too. Introducing The Ogre, an unpleasant fellow covered in warts, blubber and noxious gas.

Release Date and Bonuses Announced for Fable Anniversary

What a wonderful year 2014 should be for Fable fans. Not only are we getting Fable Legends, which has us as excited as the...

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