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Fable Legends Will Launch as “Season One” Says Game Director.

Fable legends game director David Eckleberry has given a little information about how the game will be structured. Apparently the game is going to “evolve” over a variety of years and due to the games main focusing on multiplayer it will be treated in episodic content so that the story won’t be overlooked, like most games.

Fable Legends Beta Expected in 2014

With an announcement right out of Gamescom, Fable Legends, the multiplayer game set in the Fable country of Albion is said to have plans to launch a beta some time next year.
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Gamescom | Fable Legends

Lionhead Studios, led by video game legend Peter Molyneux, unveiled the latest addition to the Fable franchise today at Gamescom with a spectacular trailer for Fable Legends, which will be exclusively for Xbox One.

Gamescom | Microsoft Announce Another Xbox One Exclusive, Fable: Legends

Microsoft's Gamescom press event is well under way and if you're following along on Gamespot you'll know that they've just let everyone watch a new trailer for another Xbox One exclusive which turned out to be Fable: Legends.

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