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Facebook has 2 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook has revealed that the social network sees around 2 billion users using the platform every month, that's an increase of 60 million in just a month's time.

Social Media is the Best Anti-social Platform According to Research

I have always been a huge advocate for social interaction. Social Media is great, its a wonderful thing to be able to connect to...

WhatsApp’s Status has More Users than Snapchat…

Apparently more people are using WhatsApp's Status feature, which is basically Snapchat Stories for WhatsApp, than they are Snapchat itself.
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Facebook Launches Beta of Spaces

Facebook has announced that it has launched its Virtual Reality hang-out platform, Spaces, into Beta on Oculus Rift to allow anyone hang out in virtual reality.
oculus rift

The Incredible Potential of VR Lies Outside of Gaming

2016 was the year that Virtual Reality became consumer-friendly with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets hitting the shelves. These are some of the applications outside of the world of gaming that will be key for the development of this hugely exciting platform.

Facebook is Testing Reactions within Messenger

Facebook is apparently testing a new feature within Messenger, a react feature just like the one the company rolled out last year. However this time they'll be unleashing the thumbs down option onto folk.

Hugo Barra to Become Head of Oculus VR

Earlier this week Hugo Barra revealed that he will be leaving Chinese company Xiaomi in February to return to Silicon Valley, after a short break. However, no sooner did this announcement come, another came from Mark Zuckerberg to reveal that Barra would be joining the Oculus team as Vice President.

Facebook Apologises for Accidentally Killing Half of its Users

You may not know this, but for a brief period yesterday there was a slight possibility that you, your loved ones, or someone you know on Facebook, may have been listed as deceased. This was due to an incredible fuck-up by the social network where it accidentally added a memorial banner to a huge chunk of its users.

Facebook Launches its own Steam Competitor, Facebook Gameroom

Facebook used to be THE place to play casual games like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled, that was until the mobile space got much bigger. Now, Facebook is used purely to get some additional in-game currency as well as spamming players friends with invites. However Facebook seems to have shifted its sights on a different market, PC gamers, by launching its own gaming platform Facebook Gameroom.

AdBlock Plus Responds to Facebook’s Ad Blocking, Creates Workaround, Facebook Blocks...

What a busy week it has been for ad blocking. First, Facebook announce and initiate plans to bypass ad blocking software, then AdBlock Plus responds to Facebook and releases a workaround, then Facebook responds by blocking that workaround, and it's only going to continue until either party gives up.

Facebook Vows to Bypass Ad Blockers

If you actively use an ad blocker to remove ads from Facebook, you may be unhappy to hear that the company is working to bypass ad blockers entirely.
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As Facebook Continues to Clamp Down on Clickbait, You Wouldn’t Believe...

Following Facebook's initial approach to reduce the amount of clickbait articles which appear on the social network, the company is back with another update highlighting plans to clamp down further on articles which omit key pieces of information from the headline.

Facebook’s Unmanned Internet-providing Drone Has First Successful Flight

This week was a pretty big week for Facebook as their first ever unmanned Internet drone took flight. Overall it was deemed such a success, they kept it flying for an hour longer than planned.
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Facebook is Testing News Feed-only Posts

Facebook is testing out a new update which would allow active users of the web version of the social network to share content which posts directly to the news feed but remains off their personal timeline.

Blizzard and Facebook Team up to Empower Streamers

Blizzard Entertainment is making it a lot easier for people to share their Overwatch moments on Facebook thanks to a new partnership between the two companies.

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