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Remeber the time The Fantastic Four Copied Neon Genesis Evangelion?

So Neon Genesis Evangelion has landed on Netflix, an iconic anime that changed the game in terms of anime but it also had an...
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One Way we Could Save the Fantastic Four

"Strike 3 and you're out" is something I would never like to say to The Thing because I just like keeping my face intact... Though the baseball gag does sum up The Fantastic Four franchise.

Marvel Need to Keep The Ultimate Fantastic Four

When will we see The Fantastic Four make their return to the pages of Marvel Comics? It's probably only a matter of time, but what version will see?

A Way the Fantastic Four Could Join the MCU

Could this be the way the Fantastic Four joins the MCU?
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Oh shock, no more Fantastic Four sequel

It's not really a shock is it? That Fox have decided to cancel the sequel to The Fantastic Four movie? I mean it was...

Here’s some Fantastic Four Thoughts

Reed is rather stretchy, isn't he? Where are he and the Fantastic Four going? Well, it's hard to know right now as The Fantastic Four are kind of hanging in limbo.

A Brief History of The Russian Fantastic Four

I always thought the Fantasitc Four would look good in red.

Why not Tell the Next Fantastic Four Movie from Doom’s...

It's a weird time for the Fantastic Four. What will happen to the First Family of Marvel? Will they stay with Fox, who is desperate to keep the franchise in fear of losing a big revenue stream? Or will Marvel's Disney-appointed super-mega-lawyer-force get their own way again? So for the reboot which will have to happen in the near future, if Fox wants to keep the rights, I have another new idea!
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Fantastic Four could present Top Gear

Move aside Chris Evans and co. The Fantastic Four need a job, looks like they'll need to take yours. So move aside and let's...

The Fantastic Four: if Marvel don’t have the rights

Did you know the Fantastic Four has consisted of more than just the Human Torch, Mr Fantastic, The Thing and The Invisible Woman? So,...

This would’ve worked for the Fantastic Four

How can we fix the Fantastic Four movie? Without going to see it or watch it, of course.

Fantastic Four vs. The Avengers – a Top Trumps Battle

It's time for superhero beatdown. Fox vs. Marvel studios. Who will win?

The Un-Fantastic thing about Marvel Previews

So what was missing from the new Marvel universe? Well let me tell you..
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New Fantastic Four Trailer shows off Dr. Doom

Fantastic Four are doomed. To meet there arch nemesis that is.

Opinion: The Latest Nerdy Movie Teasers, are They Really News-worthy?

We've had a number of comic book movie teasers this week, both from Marvel and DC. But are all of them necessarily newsworthy? Let's take a look at the teasers images Marvel movies have dropped this week and discuss.

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