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Here’s The Thing for The Fantastic Four

Today we get to see what The Thing is with Jamie Bell's rocky superhero will look like.

Dear Marvel, I Have Some Thoughts About the Fantastic Four

Josh has a few bones to pick with Marvel over what they're doing with the Fantastic Four

Four New Shots From Fantastic Four Arrive

They certainly show some actors

A brief history of The Ultimate Fantastic Four

So it finally happened. We finally got a Fantastic Four trailer. So after months of a press and PR black hole we got to...
fantastic 4video

The Fantastic Four Trailer Is Here.

Twentieth Century Fox have released the first trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot staring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell.

Not so Secret Wars

Guess what? Secret War! You know how you've been seeing all these weird teaser posters from Marvel? You know the ones. The ones teasing the...

Sony Hack Reveals Alleged Aquaman Director and X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover

The Sony hacks are revealing more and more each day, including the alleged choice for the coming Aquaman movie and the possible X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover movie.

Deadpool Movie gets a Release Date

Twentieth Century Fox have set a date for their long awaited Deadpool movie, a Marvel comics anti-hero whose an assassin, mutant and fourth wall breaker all in one. Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller are tied to the movie, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, no deals are in place - yet.

The Inhumans Join the Marvel Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge success. So, like any successful installment of a franchise, more spawns out of it. After lots of...
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A Brief History of The Fantastic Five

Five you say? Not Four? How could this be? Is it cannon? No it's not. Is it in parallel universe? Yes. Will it appear in a Marvel movie? No, because The Fantastic Four and Spider-man have their rights owned by different films studios. So where did this team come from? This post hopes to tell you all about it.

A Brief History of the Current Ultimate Universe

To kick of this week's wonderful informational article goodness, I think I shall quote a definition from the Francis English Dictionary: "The Ultimate Universe (Unvierseo Ultimato) - Classified in the Marvel Universe numbering system as Earth 1610 this universe is currently where a lot of Marvel movies are getting their inspiration from.

"In this universe the Avengers are a covert Black Ops team and the team consisting of Ironman and Captain America are known as The Ultimates. Death is permanent in this universe as Peter Parker is dead and Miles Morales is Spider-man."

Why The Fantastic Four Reboot will Probably be Like The Amazing...

So just a couple hours prior to writing this, I went to see the Amazing Spider-man 2. This won't be a critical examination of...

The Mashed Up Fantastic Four

So this is my third Fantastic Four article in a row. Who thinks I can make it to four just for the sake symmetry? In my last article you may have noticed I commented on the Fantastic Four castings and did a bit of 'nerducation' on the side. This week I've decided to spice up a little article format I use. Instead of it being a day like no other..blah blah this time I'm not recruiting a themed team of Avengers. This time I'm going for mash up Fantastic Four.

A Brief History of the Mangaverse Fantastic Four

As you may have noticed the Fantastic Four film castings have been announced this week. If you've read my column, you'll know as to why I chose this as my 'Brief History this week.

Fantastic (Four) Idea? My Thoughts on the Fantastic Four Castings.

This week was a big week for the comic book film genre. We had Guardians of the Galaxy warp in with its first trailer and the Fantastic Four castings were announced.

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