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mervel manga

A Whistle Stop Tour of Marvel Mangaverse

They say manga and comics mix like fruit and chocolate, but I enjoy the taste of raisins and other organic tree fodder fused with some processed coco beans.

The Marvel Mangaverse was an early project on the 2000s. A series of issues in which writers re-imagined the Marvel mainstays like Spider-man, The Hulk and the Avengers in the style of a Japanese comic (AKA Manga).

The Fantastic Four Would Make a Fantastic TV Show

Now I wonder what piece of news could have inspired this post, I wonder? What event could have inspired this? Oh wait I know! The news that Supergirl is gonna be a Red Lantern? No of course not.

It's the news that Marvel and Netflix are producing four TV shows based on the characters Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones which will lead into a team-up series called the Defenders.
Human Torch by JD Hancock

A Brief History of the Human Torch

Okay, so most of you know about Johnny Storm the Human Torch of the Fantastic four, but did you ever know about the other two which teamed up with Captain America back in World War 2?

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