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Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition Announced

Focus Home Interactive have announced Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition. This new version will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 14....
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Big Buds are Coming to Farming Simulator 17

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software has today the Big Bud DLC for Farming Simulator 17 that'll bring two new vehicles and a handful of equipment to the game.

Farming Simulator 17 Review – I’ve Got a Brand New Combine...

The sun rises over the mountainside as I rub my gritty eyes. I'm not sure what day we're on, but I'm almost finished taking my final load of Canola over to Denton Bakery so I can finally pay off the loan and start earning myself, and not the bank, money.

Farming Simulator 17’s Launch Trailer is Ready to Harvest

It's that time of year again where the countryside starts to smell like poop. Yep, that's right it's farmin' season, so grab your overalls and prepare to get your hands dirty with the launch of Farming Simulator 17. What, you think I actually meant go outside? Don't be daft.

New Farming Simulator 17 Trailer Shows Off Train Action

Focus Home Interactive has unveiled a brand new trailer for Farming Simulator 17 which takes a look at the way players can utilise trains to transport goods.

Farming Simulator 17 Will be the First Game to bring Mod...

Despite Bethesda's plans to bring mods for Fallout 4 onto PlayStation 4, the company has hit some barriers and has seemingly gone back to the drawing board. Fortunately, that doesn't spell the end for mod support on PlayStation 4 as Giants Software have revealed that they'll be bringing mods to PlayStation 4 in Farming Simulator 16.

Pure Farming 17 Versus Farming Simulator 17 – The Gamescom Showdown

Having played Farming Simulator 14 on 3DS, I became hooked into the world of Farming Sims. From here I threw myself into the much larger Farming Sim 15, and my love for the game and genre increased. This year however, Techland Publishing have thrown a curve ball into the Farming Sim game with Pure Farming 17: The Simulator. As a direct competitor to Giants' Farming Simulator, I was eager to see both of these games at Gamescom, so early Friday morning, I set out to do just that.

Farming Simulator 17 Will Feature Female Farmers for the First Time

Up until the release of Farming Simulator 17, the game has been a man's world. Without little choice, you were forced to play as a male farmer. With the release of Farming Simulator 17 however, you can finally play as a female farmer.
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Farming Simulator 17 Launches this October, Will be Playable at Gamescom

Focus Home Interactive's Farming Simulator 17 is set to launch this October 25 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, the publisher announced today.
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Even Farming Simulator 17 Gets its Own E3 Trailer

In amongst the hustle bustle of big trailer reveals and new game announcements, Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software have released a brand new E3 trailer for their upcoming simulator, Farming Simulator 17.
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Focus Home Interactive Announce Farming Simulator 17

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive has this week confirmed that they're working on Farming Simulator 17, which is set to land simultaneously on PC and consoles at the end of 2016.

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