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What Makes an Indie Game Last?

Yesterday, I was writing up a news article on the new Cuphead art book. Whilst I was typing away, it hit me that the game is nearly...

Hey Look, Here’s a FEZ Physical Deluxe Edition

Despite FEZ 2 being cancelled and its developer, Phil Fish, stepping out of the gaming scene for good, lo and behold a Physical Deluxe Edition for FEZ is on its way... Can you FEEL the sarcasm in this post?
fish quote

[Updated] Phil Fish is at it Again, This Time Putting Polytron...

Ah Phil Fish, he really doesn't help himself does he? Every time I see his name in the headlines I already know that he's probably done or said something stupid, and here we are, twice in one week. Fish, you're spoiling us. This time the cosmic fool has gone and offered out his development studio Polytron up for sale including the FEZ IP, as well as announcing that he's cancelling all unannounced projects and then quits Twitter once again.

Phil Fish is back on Twitter and on a Mission.

Fez 2? Only if Twitter says so.
humble 9

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Adds Four More Games into the Mix!

If the thought of getting six fantastic indie games for around $5 wasn't good enough for you, how about 10? The Humble Indie Bundle 9 has just been updated to include not one, or two, but four games into the bundle and they're not any old games, they're some of the best indie titles I've played in recent times!

Gamescom | Sony Has Big Plans for the Vita, FEZ and...

During Sony's Press conference at Gamescom this year they announced big things for the PS Vita such as big hitting titles like Borderlands 2 and FEZ making it's way to the handheld console.

Phil Fish cancels FEZ II after Twitter fight.

It seems that Phil Fish has thrown his dummy out of the pram after a "Twitter fight" with GameTrailers "Annoyed Gamer" and cancelled FEZ II. The two collided on Twitter after GameTrailers host Marcus “AnnoyedGamer” Beer called Fish and Braid developer Jonathan Blow out on their reaction to being asked about some gaming news which was specific to indie gamers.

Fez 2 – “Not Xbox”

Phil fish is keeping things pretty quiet about Fez 2 but in a recent interview with Polygon when asked what platforms he's considering to launch the sequel on his response was "not Xbox".

FEZ II Announced

Critically acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade game FEZ is finally gets a PC release, as well as a rumoured OUYA, Mac, Linux and iOS release and now it seems a sequel is also in the works!
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FEZ to release on PC May 1st.

Polytron, the developers behind the stunning Xbox Live game FEZ have confirmed that the game will be release on PC...

FEZ is Coming To PC in May!

The long awaited Xbox Live Arcade exclusive FEZ took it's sweet time to get to the Xbox platform and if Indie Game The Movie is anything to go by, it almost didn't happen at all. For those of you who prefer to wield a keyboard and mouse rather than a controller there's good news on the horizon as this fantastic little indie game will make its way to Steam on May 1!

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