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How Price Ranges Saved FIFA Ultimate Team

I was 16 when FIFA 15 was first released, slap bang in the middle of the FIFA demographic. Like many gamers my age, I...
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Sponsored Video: FIFA 15’s Christmas Commercial has Messi Playing Football with...

Though the Christmas festivities are now over, EA Sports still want you to give a gift of FIFA 15 this.. new year.. with their latest commercial that sees FC Barcelona's forward, Lionel Messi, playing football with a gingerbread man. And no, I'm not kidding.
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UK Gaming Charts: FIFA 15 Remains in Number One, Destiny Resurfaces...

We've got one more week until the UK's official Christmas Number One video game is announced and it seems EA's latest FIFA title is once again in the running to claim the crown. With just ten more sleeps until Christmas, this weekend will mark a final push for everyone to nab their Christmas gifts, hopefully shifting the top-ten somewhat by next Monday.
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UK Gaming Charts: FIFA 15 Scores Back into First Place, The...

In the run up to Christmas, it's always interesting to see who is in the running to be this year's Christmas number one in the video game charts, the next few weeks will be an epic battle between the top three hitters as shoppers are purchasing their gifts ahead of the big day. But who are the top three? Well right now, it's between FIFA 15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and the re-release of Grand Theft Auto V, but who will be the ultimate winner?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review

Before the last gen, that is when PS2 was the King of consoles, there was a debate as old as gaming itself - what's...
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UK Gaming Charts: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dethrones FIFA 15

A little later than planned, GfK Chart-Track has finally announced this weeks UK gaming charts after receiving data a little late from some UK retailers this morning. The reason for the delay is unknown, it just seems that one or two retailers took their sweet time to get their data sorted. The results are in however and it seems, just as predicted, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has knocked FIFA 15 from the top spot starting the war for Christmas number one.
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UK Gaming Charts: Even the TNTeddy Can’t Knock FIFA 15 from...

Sunset Overdrive launched last Friday and though it only launched on Xbox One the game did pretty freaking well for itself, so much so that it debuted in second place this week, unfortunately though, FIFA 15 is still holding strong in first place. Will anything shake the football title from the top spot?
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UK Gaming Charts: FIFA 15 Sets the Record for Most Weeks...

With almost half a dozen new releases last week FIFA 15 still remains in the top spot and becomes the longest running title in first place so far this year and really shows no signs of letting go of that top spot. Out of all of the new releases Nintendo exclusive Bayonetta 2 was the only one to enter the top ten in seventh place.

Sony Releases New PlayStation 4 Bundle in the UK, Includes Minecraft...

Sony have recently announced a brand new bundle to add to their growing list of holiday bundles, this time featuring two games which are surely on most people's Christmas lists this year. The bundle, which is available to purchase right now includes a 500GB PlayStation 4 console and a copy of Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition and FIFA 15.
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UK Gaming Charts: Even The Evil Within Can’t Spook FIFA 15...

Chart-Track have released the latest UK gaming charts for last week and unsurprisingly FIFA 15 is still holding strong in first place despite big releases such as Bethesda's The Evil Within and 2K's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launching last week to critical acclaim. Will anything ever shake EA Sports football title from the top spot?
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UK Gaming Charts: Even the Xenomorph Can’t Shift FIFA 15 From...

Last week saw the release of Creative Assembly's survival horror title, Alien Isolation, and Evolution Studios next-gen racer DriveClub, and despite hype surrounding both titles and many of the gamers I know getting those two titles, neither could shift EA Sports hugely popular football title, FIFA 15 from first place.
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UK Gaming Charts: FIFA 15 Remains Number One Despite Impressive Sales...

And so it begins; FIFA 15 hit number one last week pushing Destiny straight off of its throne and it seems EA Sports' football title has dug its heels in the grass as it's not budging from the top spot despite Warner Bros. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor being the biggest launch for a game based on Lord of the Rings.

Ear Nibbler Luis Suarez is also Banned from FIFA 15 Until...

Remember the World Cup? That was a fun summer, eh? Do you also remember that fateful match between Uruguay and Italy where striker Luis Suarez decided to have lunch early and took a chunk out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini? Well following that match Suarez was banned from "all football activities" by governing body FIFA until the end of October and it seems that ban also applies to FIFA 15. They don't call it "one of the best" for no reason y'know!
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UK Gaming Charts: FIFA 15 Scores the Top Spot, Destiny Slips...

FIFA 15 is the bookies favourite for Christmas Number One again this year, so it comes as no real surprise that following Friday's release, it's shot straight into the top spot kicking Bungies MMO FPS Destiny off of it's throne, but will it last?
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Some Football Stars are Unhappy About Their Stats in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 launches today in the UK and many football fans and gamers alike are sporting bleary eyes after spending most of the early hours of the morning playing their new purchase. Those that have already sunk a few hours into the game will notice just how much more the players look like their real life counterparts and play like them too. Those who purchased the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also notice how much these details have been improved thanks to EA Sports access to hundreds of the footballers in England's top division, but there are some people out there who aren't fans of certain parts of the games, the footballers themselves.

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