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Crazy FIFA 15 Turns the Worlds Best Football Game into an...

A bug that’s been affecting a small selection of PC players has sent one of the best football games available into a high school game of football as all players, including the goalkeepers, run into the center circle and go crazy for the ball.
arsenal FIFA 15

EA’s FIFA 15 Demo was Played by 5.5 Million Players

Coor Blimey, EA have revealed some impressive numbers for their latest instalment to the FIFA football franchise but they're not quite what you'd expect. Yesterday following the launch of FIFA 15 in the US, EA announced that the FIFA 15 demo, that's been available to download for a few weeks now, has been played by 5.5 million players.
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Check Out The Goalkeepers in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 is fast approaching but there's still a video to enjoy before it's here. This one minute fifty video focus' on the unsung heroes of the beautiful game. The Goalkeepers. Just watching the video really shows off just how much work EA Sports have put into improving the keepers...

FIFA 15 On Xbox 360 and PS3 Will Not Get Pro...

It has been announced that FIFA 15 will not be getting Pro Clubs... or at least the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions won't be. Pro Clubs is a way of players to create or join a team to have 11 vs. 11 matches. Pro Clubs has been around for sometime, and will continue on the Xbox One and PS4 put if you're still on last-gen consoles and love Pro Clubs, you may want to upgrade...
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Gamescom 2014: FIFA 15 Allows you To Grab More Legendary Players...

I'm not going to lie, I don't play FIFA 15, so I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about the game, so bear with me as this post will likely be bland with generic facts. Or, you could skip the text completely and watch the trailer above! Now we've got that out of the way, let's discuss the new info!

Brazilian League WILL NOT Appear In FIFA 15.

There will be no Brazilian teams or league appearing in FIFA 15. The reason? It's the way players are licensed in Brazil...

FIFA 15’s North America Cover Causes Controversy

Well maybe controversy is a bit dramatic, but you're here now so you might as well keep reading. The athlete to join Messi on the cover of FIFA 15 in North America will be Clint Dempsey. The American star who plays for the Seattle Sounders and The US National Team will be appearing alongside the Argentine. But what shirt will he wear?...
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New FIFA 15 Trailer Shows Dem Feels.

All aboard the feels train. Choo-choo. FIFA 15's newest trailer shows off more player emotions that will appear in the game. New celebrations, reactions...

FIFA 15 Cover Athlete Revealed, It’s Messi.

The cover athlete for EA Sports upcoming FIFA title, FIFA 15 has been revealed and it's sulky World Cup Golden Ball medallist, Lionel Messi, who scored some pretty great goals during the World Cup finals, it's just a shame he didn't do so well during the match between Argentena and Germany this past weekend.
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FIFA 15 – Incredible Visuals Video

Incredible Visuals is the name of the video and Incredible Visuals is exactly what it delivers. FIFA 15 is set to be the best looking yet...

FIFA 15 Release Date and Platforms Announced

EA have officially announced when FIFA 15 will hit shelves, along with the vast number of platforms that will receive the title...
FIFA 15video

E3 2014: FIFA 15 Gets Teaser Trailer

In what was a big night for EA Sports we saw a first glimpse at Fifa 15 at this year's E3 conference.

No Surprises Here, EA Sports Reveal FIFA 15 is in Development,...

It comes as no real surprise that EA Sports is working on the next instalment into the FIFA franchise, FIFA 15. The publisher announced that the new football game is in development on Twitter yesterday along with a short Twitter video (which has now been removed) teasing the game. The teaser showed Liverpool player Luis Suarez taking a shot at the goal.

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