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EA Announces Partnership with the English Premier League.

EA has announced a partnership with the English Premier League, as part of its FIFA 19 esports programme. EA has announced it will be working with...
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FIFA for Nintendo Switch is Reportedly Based on the Xbox 360...

Other than standing awkwardly on stage during the Nintendo Switch Direct Broadcast last week, EA's Patrick Soderlund didn't reveal too much about the upcoming release of FIFA on the Nintendo Switch. While many are excited for the return of FIFA on Nintendo consoles after it skipped past the Wii U, you must be careful what you wish for.

EA Pays Tribute to Football Tragedy in FIFA 17

Earlier this week the football community was shocked to hear that Chapecoense, a Brazillian team, had been involved in a horrific plane crash which resulted in the death of the majority of its players and staff.
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The n3rdcast Episode #27 | The Great Comeback

We've been gone for too long, but we're back now. This week, we talk FIFA 15, Minecraft, Destiny and...Clash of Clans. We also go down the political rabbit hole in our long-winded 'The n3rdcast answers Yahoo! answers' feature.
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FIFA 15 Review

FIFA 15 might not be a huge improvement from last year, but it's still an improvement.
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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team to Add Even more Features

As if FIFA ultimate team wasn't already addictive enough, EA has decided to add even more features to the super-popular game mode.
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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review

EA have released their take on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, somewhat surprisingly this is a game that stands out in its own right and bucks the trend of tournament titles feeling like a pricey DLC.
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FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo Coming Very Soon!

Even as a non-football fan I am aware that there is going to a world cup this year. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the tie in game for the tournament, will be releasing on April 17th here in the UK, but the good news is that you football (or soccer if you're from the US) fans can get in on the game early.

New FIFA 14 Trailer Shows Off Next Gen Silky Skills

EA has released a new video featuring the highlights of the Ignite Engine's spectacular additions to next generation versions of FIFA 14. We all know that next...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review

Every year a war rages amongst a subsect of the gaming populous. Two teams walk from the changing rooms onto the pitch under two banners. One team consiting of FIFA fans, the cohorts of EA's license heavy gamer army. They chant the names of hundreds of licensed teams and leagues. Their formation rarely changes though. Since 2009 they have held the same stance and made minor tweaks to player positionings and the skills of their players. These are the ones who call if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Across the pitch from them stand Konami's faithful. Each year they have brought significant changes to the team - not always with the intended results. They may not have the swathes of licensed teams and players or the advertising budget but what they bring is unmatched. The arcade gameplay and fast paced frantic football. This year Konami is bringing its best line up for many years to the field. Anyway, enough of this load of foodballing metaphors and similies. Let's kick off. Oh it happened again.

Grand Theft Auto V Surpasses Lifetime Sales of Grand Theft Auto...

Grand Theft Auto V as a single player game is undoubtedly a hit, despite losing the top spot to FIFA 14 the game has been a success in almost every aspect. Sure the Online mode has it's problems and gamers are becoming frustrated, but I've heard little to no complaints about the single player campaign. It's even more of a success than it's predecessor reaching more sales in a week, than the last game did in it's lifetime.

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