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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV to welcome the Moogle Chocobo Carnival

Final Fantasy XV will be getting a timed event next week as the beautiful city of Altissia is transformed to celebrate the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has Shipped 6 Million Copies both Physically and...

Square Enix has today announced that the shipment and digital sales of Final Fantasy XV have exceeded the six million unit mark.

n3rdabl3’s Best Games of 2016

Raise a glass and take a moment as it is that time of the year again were we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. It is also a time to reflect on the past year of gaming and ask 'What were the games of the year?' and in 2016 there are plenty to choose from.
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Review – It’s About Time

After ten long years Final Fantasy XV has finally released. Ten years is a long time to wait for anything, let alone a game release. First announced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game has been through a long and rocky development process. Now, ten years later, the rebranded Final Fantasy XV is out. With such a long development fans have witnessed the game change over the years through promotional material and more. With a large amount of content on the cutting room floor and around three different versions of the story having been conceived, Final Fantasy XV has been a project that was sometimes feared to never see the light of day. With so much history belonging to the title that is no longer a fantasy how does it hold up. With more hours than any other game this year I think I’m finally able to answer that question.
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV To Get Holiday Pack On December 22

Final Fantasy XV is set to get the first of many downloadable content updates on December 22. Dubbed the Holiday Pack and the Holiday Pack Plus for Season Pass holders. These pack looks to bring a lot of exciting updates to Final Fantasy XV.

UK Gaming Charts: FIFA Fends off Final Fantasy

After an incredible highly anticipated wait for Final Fantasy XV, it's finally here but sadly the demand for the "lads on tour RPG" wasn't quite has high as the demand for "22 fellas running around a pitch" sports game.
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Day One Patched Gameplay Reaveled

In yet more Final Fantasy XV news as we move even closer to the release now the Day One patch dubbed the 'Crown Update'...
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Download Size Over 50 Gigabytes on PS4

Final Fantasy XV is edging closer and closer, and pre-loading of the digital copies of the game have began in Japan. It looks as if...
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Gets Further Details

Recently some details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Day One patched dubbed the "Crown Update" were released. Now however, we have a more...
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Detailed Ahead of Release

Final Fantasy XV is almost here and the ten year wait is coming to a close. As we move closer to the release day...

Judgement Day Came Early For Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV releases at the end of the month (November 29) but it received an early "Judgement Disc" exclusive to Japan this week.
final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold, New Trailer and DLC Announced

After a fairly long development time and a road that many have been following from the start, Final Fantasy XV has gone gold. Square Enix made the announcement along with releasing a new trailer dubbed 'Omen' to mark the milestone.
Final Fantasy XV Abbey Road Performance

Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack to Be Played Live at Abbey Road...

Now, I'm conflicted on this one. On the one hand, I still think that turning Final Fantasy XV into a huge cross-media event is...
final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed Until November

This weekend reports surfaced that Square Enix was planning to delay Final Fantasy XV until November. This morning, Square Enix confirmed this news.
final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV Reportedly Delayed until November

Bad news Final Fantasy fans, while you may be getting your Final Fantasy fill from the free mini series, or the recently released mobile game, as well as the upcoming movie, they may not be enough to quench your thirst if today's reports surrounding the delay of Final Fantasy XIV are to be believed.

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