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Vampyr Teaser Released, Kick-Starts Webseries

Vampyr publisher, Focus Home Interactive, have released a teaser trailer for an upcoming web series for the vampire RPG that's set to reveal more about the upcoming title.

The Surge – A Walk in the Park Review

The Surge - A Walk in the Park is the first major update to the sci-fi Souls-like title and it's a pretty good one...

Spintires: Mudrunner Review – I Can Climb Mountains

As the sun rises, welcoming dawn, you know you've got a long, dirty day ahead of you. Your task; collect and deliver logs to...

Space Run Dev Announces Masters of Anima

This week Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games has announced a brand new project, Masters of Anima, an upcoming adventure game rich with magic.

Farming Simulator 18 Review

Every other year (usually years which have an even number) Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software release a handheld version of their popular farming game, Farming Simulator. Farming Simulator 18 is the latest in that series which brings the title back to Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita following a short stint on mobile. But how does it improve over the 2013 release?

Call of Cthulhu E3 Trailer is the Right Kind of Spooky

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming mystery-RPG, Call of Cthulhu, showing just how madness can overtake the mind of Edward Pierce.
Insurgency Sandstorm New Details #1

E3 2017: Insurgency: Sandstorm Debut Trailer Unveiled

Focus Home Interactive has released the first trailer for New World Interactive's upcoming shooter, Insurgency: Sandstorm giving us a first-ever-look at the title. Building upon...

DONTNOD’s Vampyr Gets a Release Date

DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming narrative-driven RPG, Vampyr, that'll be appearing at E3 next week.

Farming Simulator 18 Hits 3DS and Vita on June 6

Focus Home Interactive has announced that Farming Simulator 18 will be landing on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita on June 6.

The Surge – A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to your CREO employee induction briefing! Did you get your free mocha-latte double frap with foam and vanilla sugar at the door? No?...

The Surge Review – No Vital Signs Found

I can almost guarantee that "Soulslike" is a term which is likely going to soon be used to describe this new era of "hardcore RPGs" which punish the player for the most smallest mistake. The Surge is the latest "Soulslike" game from the developers of another "hardcore RPG", Lords of the Fallen. But can it shake the Dark Souls comparison, or is it the same-old Dark with different Souls?

Here’s the Launch Trailer for The Surge

Although The Surge doesn't launch until May 16, Focus Home Interactive have released the launch trailer for the hardcore RPG.

The Surge has Gone Gold, Here’s How It’ll Perform on PS4...

Deck13's upcoming hardcore action RPG, The Surge, has gone gold publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced. To celebrate, they've detailed the game's improvements on PS4 Pro.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Review

What can I say? After a year of fondly following this game on social media, I walk away from the console bored and disappointed. That...

New Trailer for The Surge Shows Looting Mechanic

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have revealed a brand new trailer for The Surge which demonstrates the game's unique looting mechanic.

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