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GameStop to “Evolve Along With” Subscription Services

GameStop seems to have more than a few plans to survive the digital transition, as recent interview with gamesindustry.biz has revealed including following the model...

GameStop in Talks With Buyout Firms After Drawing Interest

Our source has revealed that GameStop's Interim CEO, Shane Kim, has confirmed that the company are in fact talking with third parties about a possible buyout, but has stressed that they're just "talks" at the moment and nothing is set in stone.

Gamers Aren’t Playing Owned Games, says GameStop

GameStop have published a study that reveals that many gamers own games that they just don't play any more and won't trade-in. The study claims that two out of five gamers have around $200 worth of games lying around that could be traded-in as they are just left unplayed.

Shulk Amiibo will be Exclusive to GameStop

For those of you hoping to grab the full collection of Nintendo's NFC toys when they launch later this week, you might be a little disappointed to know that in amongst the third wave of toys that Nintendo revealed earlier this week, one of them you might not be able to get your hands on unless you shop at GameStop.

Under Half of GameStop Customers Know About Game Trade Programme.

Being able to sell your old games for cash isn't something new, in fact being able to trade-in old games for cash as well as buying pre-owned games is something that has been going on for a long time now, but for some - more specifically - over half of GameStop customers had no idea that they could trade-in old games for cash or store credit. It makes you wonder, where did all these people think the pre-owned stock came from?
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GTAV and GameStop Team-up for the Ultimate Cosplay Giveaway

So you want to be a Grand Theft Auto V cosplayer huh? Have I got some good news for you...
PlayStation 3

EU & HK exclusive 12GB PlayStation 3 console could be making...

According to a report by PlayStation Lifestyle the European and Hong Kong exclusive 12GB PlayStation 3 console might be making it's way to North America as soon as August 18th at a price of around $200.

GameStop finally puts an end to PlayStation 4 pre-orders

GameStop have finally stopped accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 after demand for the next-generation console exceeded predictions. Sony previously told GameStop to sell as many pre-orders as they can and they'll supply as many as they needed but it seems that the "unlimited" supply has dried up.
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Sony tells GameStop: Floodgates are Open for Pre-orders

Thanks to an illuminating memo obtained by Game Trailers, we've learned that GameStop will be accepting 'unlimited' pre-orders for the PS4...
Madden NFL 25

Madden keeps old-school theme with pre-order swag deal

Following the footsteps of oh so many games lately, EA Sports' second most popular game is partnering with a big name game store to offer pre-order incentives. Fans who want to get the jump on buying the 25th Anniversary edition of the popular game will get three big-time names...
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GameStop to stop PS2 trade-ins

Thanks to a leaked photo on reddit from the user eGORapTure we now know that as of June 1st 2013 GameStop will no longer accept PS2 trade-ins, if you have a console, accessories or games lying around unused now is the time to lighten the load.

GameStop CEO on the Xbox 720 “The World is Going to...

GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines spoke to GameIndustry following a GameStop earnings call about the next-generation Xbox console from Microsoft, the 7% drop in sales, and next gen game prices...

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