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Gears of War Movie Finds a New Screenwriter

Gears of War seems to be getting closer to the big screen, with a new writer at the helm of the project. According to The...

An Examination of Father/Son Relationships in Gaming

I was thinking about the new God of War game that's coming out on PS4 next year and it got me wondering about games...

Funko Unveils Incredible Toy Line-up at The Toy Fair 2017

Funko, the creators of the incredibly popular Pop! collectable line, have unveiled an incredible line up at this year's Toy Fair which begins today in London. Among the many announcements we've got some new Overwatch, Space Jam, Mass Effect, Gears of War, POP!s and much more.
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Get Every Gears of War Title with Gears of War: Ultimate...

Though the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition offers Xbox One players a chance to play the original Gears of War title in glorious HD, many were hoping that, like with the Master Chief Collection, Microsoft would release all of the Gears games in one package, which up until now wasn't the case, but Microsoft has just changed all of that with the announcement that all Gears of War titles will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

E3 2015: Gears 4 Announced With Gameplay

After it was leaked earlier in the year that we'd be seeing a remaster of the Gears of War series for Xbox One, Microsoft...
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Gear of War Developer Rebrands to The Coalition

The developer who has now taken the reigns of the Gears of War series ever since Gears of War: Judgment, has decided to rebrand itself from Black Tusk Studios to... The Coalition. According to the team it's a fitting name because of what they, as a collective, represent.
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Gears of War Leakers Get the Harshest Punishment, Microsoft Denies it.

Yesterday Xbox DVR footage of the currently unannounced but heavily rumoured Gears of War remaster surfaced online and while the clips were short and showed early beta footage, those sharing the videos had violated a legally binding NDA. Their punishment? Not only did they have their Xbox Live accounts suspended, apparently their Xbox consoles were also bricked. What's most shocking about this is that the leakers were using ordinary consumer Xbox Ones, not debug consoles supplied by Microsoft.

Footage of Rumoured Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Surfaces

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, as it's rumoured to be called thanks to a listing on the Brazillian Rating's board, has once again appeared online this time in video form as various gameplay videos were spotted on the XboxDVR website, a site which collates clips recorded via the Xbox One's built-in DVR. The videos have since been removed, but not for good as they've resurfaced elsewhere.
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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Rating Fuels Remaster Fire

The Brazilian Advisory Rating Board has already revealed that a Dishonored remaster may be in the works, but this next rating suggest something which has already been denied by the developers. The remaster in question is Gears of War and the rating, for something called Gears of War: Ultimate Edition suggests a remaster may definitely be on the cards.

Gears of War Remaster is in the Works, Sources Say

Are you ready to have another new old game to add to your collection? You damn well better be as Microsoft and Black Tusk are apparently gearing up to release a remastered version of Gears of War. Lovely. The news comes by way of Polygon as sources have spilled the beans to the publication. Polygon also expanded the news in a series of updates which pretty much confirm the existence of the re-release. Funny, considering Black Tusk denied such a game was in development..

“Massive Progress” is Being Made on Gears of War for Xbox...

It's not officially an Xbox console without a Gears of War title. Okay, that's not quite true as the original Gears of War first launched on the Xbox 360, not the original Xbox, I guess that statement would be more truer for Halo? Anwyay, for those of you waiting for news surrounding Gears of War for the Xbox One, you'll be pleased to know that the developers are making "massive progress" on the game, though it's still not set for release any time soon..
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Gears of War for Xbox One is one week into development.

Following the recent news that the Gears of War franchise being acquired by Microsoft gave us the hint that they are working on a new title for the Xbox One. According to the Head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, "Leadership team has been involved for a month but studio has only been on Gears for a week", he revealed via Twitter.
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Microsoft acquires Gears of War from Epic, hires series producer Rod...

Yesterday the folks at Microsoft studios acquired the Gears of War IP from Epic games, which will let them have the rights to all existing and future instalments of the series. What this could spell is that they are gearing up (no pun intended) for a new instalment for the Xbox One. But why did they purchase the IP?

Games with Gold for December Throws Gears of War and Shoot...

Next two games for the Xbox 360 Games with Gold programme have been announced by Microsoft and chances are, if you have owned a 360 for so many years you probably already own one of the titles. Starting from December 1 you get Gears of War absolutely free, then Shoot Many Robots from the 16th December.
Gears of War: Judgment

Gears of War Judgment DLC Lost Relics.

Epic Games have just announced the latest DLC for Gears of War Judgment titled "Lost Relics" which will be released next month there has been no word on the price of the DLC pack, but my bet is that it will cost 1000 MS Points.

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