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Need for Speed Payback gets Feature that Should Have Been Available...

Need for Speed Payback publisher EA Games has announced that Online Free Roam would be coming to the game via an update, completely free of charge.

Need for Speed Payback has Heists and Deep Customisation

As promised, Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have unveiled the full name and gameplay details for the next Need for Speed game which is...
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Need for Speed 2017 Won’t be as Online as the Last

EA and Ghost Games have confirmed that a new Need for Speed is in the works that's due to launch later this year, and a few things will be changing.

Need for Speed Sequel Due in 2017

It looks like EA Games are sticking to their promise of no-longer releasing a new Need for Speed game annually as they've revealed that a new Need for Speed title would be coming in 2017.

Need for Speed Update adds Hot Rods, Drag Racing, and Manual...

Need for Speed players are in for a treat on March 3 as Ghost Games is preparing an update which adds hot rods, manual transmission, drag racing, and so much more.
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Ubisoft and EA Battle it out for the Rights to the...

After looking to trademark the term "Ghost" to protect their Need for Speed studio, Ghost Games, Ubisoft has filed a Notice of Opposition as they believe players will confuse EA's Trademark with that of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon series...
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Need for Speed Review: Catch my Drift?

When Ghost Games took a year out of releasing an annual Need for Speed title, we hoped for huge things when EA announced that the series would be getting a reboot with a new game titled simply, Need for Speed. But how much can you really reboot a street racing game? Turns out not much, but you can damn sure make it look impressive.

Here’s the Launch Trailer for Need for Speed

EA and Ghost Games' upcoming reboot of the Need for Speed series is set to launch next week, so to celebrate they've thrown out the launch trailer, a launch trailer which is made entirely of the in-game engine. Yes, it looks that good.

Here’s the Full Car List for Need for Speed Reboot

If you've been looking forward to finding out what you can mod, upgrade, tweak, and eventually race in Ghost Games' Need for Speed reboot, then good news, the list is right here.

Need for Speed will let you race the 2016 BMW M2...

Packing over 360 bhp, the new M series beast joins a cast of famous BMW's that players will be whipping around the corners of Ventura Bay in EA's anticipated Need for Speed title.

Ghost Games Q&A Reveals Juicy Details on Need for Speed

In a recently published Q&A page, Ghost Games has highlighted a number of things in regards to Need for Speed, their upcoming racer which hopes to be a reboot of the iconic series.

Need for Speed PC Release Delayed Until 2016

It looks like PC players who have been looking forward to the release of Need for Speed, have some pretty bad news coming their way. EA Games has announced that the upcoming series reboot will be delayed until 2016.

New Need for Speed Trailer Shows Five Ways to Play

One of the main selling points of EA Games upcoming Need for Speed reboot is the players ability to choose the path that they'd like to go down. There are five ways to play in total with five racing icons you're required to impress in order to progress. This new trailer highlights each one of those five directions.

Need for Speed Gets a Handful of Confirmed Cars

Ghost Games has today confirmed the first 17 cars that'll be found in their upcoming reboot of the Need for Speed franchise which launches on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on November 3.

Need for Speed will have Post-launch Support Beyond Car DLC

When someone talks about post-support, that usually means some sort of DLC or expansion release that'll likely cost gamers a ton, especially if they wanted to get all they can out of the game. When Need for Speed launches this November however, Ghost Games has a much different plan, we think...

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