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Need for Speed will be Always Online to Bring Improved Autolog

There are two words that have become taboo in the video game industry lately, those two words are "always" and "online", something that when put together is supposed to offer a more perfected experience for gamers, but has always fallen flat on its face.

EA Aren’t Sure if Need for Speed Reboot Will Be Annual

So unless you're not a fan of racing games, you should know that there is a new Need for Speed game coming out this year, aptly titled in the numberless style of franchises that need shiny reboots; Need for Speed. Now the big question people are asking is do we have the need for that said speed every year?
need for speed key art

Need for Speed to Require an Online Connection

I thought we'd been past this? The idea of an "always-on" Internet connection just isn't viable for everyone right now, but apparently EA and Ghost Games just won't take no for an answer. In a recent tweet to fan questions, the Need for Speed Twitter account has revealed that the reboot will require an online connection.
need for speed release date leak

Release Date for Need for Speed Outed… By Microsoft

Earlier today word that the Xbox One would be getting a new controller surfaced following an updated Xbox Support page revealing a 3.5mm jack would be coming to a new version of the controller. Now they've gone and done it again, this time revealing the release date for EA and Ghost Games' upcoming racer, Need for Speed.
Need for Speed

Need for Speed to run on Star Wars: Battlefront Engine

Star Wars: Battlefront's latest trailers, which have been made using the game engine, look absolutely spectacular and almost unbelievable. But that's one of the things that has fans excited about the upcoming Star Wars shooter. Now however, petrol heads also have something to be excited about as Need for Speed, the upcoming reboot of the series from EA and Ghost Games, will also run on the same game engine.
Need for Speedvideo

EA Announces Need for Speed, Launches this Autumn

I guess Need for Speed wasn't doing all that well in past years, so EA has decided to go back to the drawing board with their newest game in the franchise and are simply calling it: Need for Speed, because that won't be too confusing.

Need for Speed News to Race in This Week

Those buggers over at IGN have got another "first" coming at us this week. Along with copious amounts of Rock Band 4 information, they've also got dibs on the new Need for Speed that has been in development for some time now. EA and Ghost Games are planning to unveil the new game on IGN later this week.

No Need for Speed Game This Year, Ghost Games Working Towards...

For the first time in a fairly long time there won't be a new Need for Speed game this year announced Ghost Games on the Need for Speed website earlier this week. The company want to spend more time building a "highly innovative" experience as well as collect community feedback for Need for Speed 2015.

Ghosts Games’ Unnanounced Need For Speed Title Hurt by Layoffs

Things aren't looking promising for fans of the Need For Speed franchise...

Criterion reduced to sixteen staff members, Ghost Games born from the...

The creators of the Burnout series, Criteron games, staff team has now been watered down to only sixteen employees, those who are not part of Criteron games have now formed a new studio that is now known as Ghost Games U.K. Today, through Tweets, Alexander Ward has explained the situation to fans...

Ghost Games Studio Head Calls for Continuity From Need for Speed...

Popular racing franchise Need for Speed has been taken over by EA Studio Ghost Games, just a year after the series seemed to be taken over by Criterion...

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