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WhatsApp and Gmail hit the 1 Million User Mark

Let's face it, communication through the Internet is a pretty big thing nowadays, whether it's chatting through WhatsApp or organizing meetings and other things through Gmail, at least one seventh of the world's population are communicating online, and that's a pretty big deal.
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China Finally Bans Gmail After Months of Disruption

After months of disruption to Google's mail client in China, the country has finally banned access to Gmail.
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Google is Blocking Extensions that have a Nosey at your Gmail...

It seems Google is making your Gmail account safer without you even knowing it as they've revealed that they've started to block any extensions from taking a snoop at your emails.

Google May Have Reinvented the Email with ‘Inbox’

Last night Google unveiled Inbox, an entirely new way to handle your emails. Essentially they've reinvented the Gmail app, but it's so much more than that. Inbox is available to download now for the Chrome browser, Android, and iOS phones, but it's currently invite only. You'll either need to get an invitation from someone else who has already been invited, or contact Google yourself, though I expect the waiting list is huge.
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Gmail Has Become the First Android App to be Downloaded One...

Earlier this week Google's Sundar Pichai revealed on his Google+ page that the Gmail Android App is the first app to be downloaded and installed a whopping one billion times, the only other app to do so is Google Play Services but that's installed on most Android devices by default.

Google Now Allows Anyone on Google+ to Email Your Gmail Account,...

In another attempt to get everyone ever using Google+, Google have now enabled a new feature that allows anyone who has a Google+ account send an email to Gmail users without needing to know their Gmail email address first. That's right, if you have Gmail, anyone who has a Google+ account can email you.
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Google I/O – Google Wallet integrated with Gmail for Sending and...

Google made the announcement last night on its commerce blog that it will soon be even easier to spend money as Google Wallet is integrated with Gmail...
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It’s All Coming Together: 15 GB Shared Storage for Gmail, Drive...

In order to create a more seamless experience amongst their products, Google has announced it will soon implement a shared storage system for Gmail, Drive, and Google+ photos.

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